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Recently, the topic of "one click to call Santa Claus" has suddenly become hot in the online social circle. Netizens have shared their year-end wishes, participated in the topic discussion, and asked Santa Claus to realize his wishes

you can call a luxury car with one click when you travel.

you can call food with one click when you are hungry.

you can call Santa Claus with one click when Christmas is coming~

recently, the topic of "one click to call Santa Claus" in the online social circle suddenly became hot. Netizens have shared their year-end wishes, participated in the topic discussion, and asked Santa Claus to realize his wishes. According to Xiaobian, this topic was initiated by Jiantao brand Oushennuo ceramics on December 7 to coincide with its "one click to call Santa Claus" activity

different Christmas, Santa Claus only comes for you

the biggest highlight of this activity is the activity content of "just one click call, Santa Claus will personally come to your door and surprise you". It is reported that fans pay attention to the official wechat of osheno, enter the "call Santa Claus" page, and fill in the wish information, that is, they will have the opportunity to be selected by osheno Santa Claus to deliver gifts for you or realize their little wishes

"ask Santa Claus to send me a boyfriend", "ask Santa Claus to let me not fail"... At the end of next year, Christmas is coming, such topics are in line with the psychology of public wishes and the needs of personalized holiday interaction. No wonder netizens have had such a heated discussion atmosphere about "one click call Santa Claus"

surprise Charity: you can also be Santa Claus

through the activity, Oushennuo ceramics also launched a "love charity charity line", calling on netizens to join the ranks of Santa Claus and go to liannanshan primary school in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province on Christmas day on the 25th to bring Christmas blessings and gift surprises to children, so that this beautiful festival with love and blessing is not limited to "only city can play"

the transformation of concept and action from "one click to call Santa Claus" (I want Christmas Surprise) to "surprise charity" (I am Santa Claus to send surprise to others) shows that osheno ceramics has ulterior motives in this interactive marketing: Launch popular topics to create popularity, and at the end of the event, deepen the significance and highlight the corporate social responsibility and brand value. This process is fully combined with the holiday meaning of Christmas, which makes the audience happy to accept and virtually mobilize the enthusiasm of sharing and participation

the industry seeks to change, and now interactive marketing highlights

has always been a Christmas for e-commerce and FMCG industries. Now the domestic first-line ceramic brand osheno ceramics has rarely joined this year-end carnival. As the main consumption force of the home decoration and building materials industry shifts to the post-80s and post-90s, it is not difficult to see that traditional industries such as building ceramics urgently need to break the previous form of only paying attention to offline terminals and ignoring online linkage communication. Grasping the post-80s and post-90s consumer groups and having a more personalized product portfolio and service experience will be the focus of the marketing transformation of the home decoration and building materials industry in the future

the surprise is boundless, and the brand has stepped out of new ideas

different from the previous cooperation with similar brands in the home decoration industry, this osheno Ceramic Christmas marketing activity has joined hands with several major brands, such as Uber, China Mobile, China Unicom, Bensheng life, etc. For example, Santa Claus will take Uber's luxury car to give gifts to fans, and use the concept of "exclusive" of both brands to jointly transmit enterprise value; The original Christmas "safe fruit" gift box will also be sent out by Santa Claus osheno, which not only conforms to the traditional characteristics of Christmas, but also highlights the high-quality coincidence of the two brands

"the original Jiantao brand can also play like this!". A fan who accidentally received a door-to-door gift from Santa Claus shouted surprise on Weibo. It seems that the vitality and charm of cross-border will gain more good public praise and stronger communication effect for brand marketing, and this form will also bring deep memory points to the audience because of the characteristics of harmony and diversity among brands

did you call Santa Claus this Christmas? Directly scan the wechat QR code of osheno ceramics to participate! And iphone6s is waiting for you. There are still wishes. What if Santa Claus really chooses it





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