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History and selection skills of aluminum balcony guardrails editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows has a long history of the application of aluminum balcony guardrails. In the 13th century, Europe created exquisite aluminum art. During the Renaissance, aluminum art was integrated with simplicity, elegance and lightness, reaching its peak

In the 19th century, aluminum balcony guardrails and European style courtyard copper doors began to be widely popular as architectural decorative components. Entering China a century ago, it is increasingly accepted and loved by people with its unique artistic charm and environmental protection and safety characteristics. In urban and rural areas, in public buildings and private houses, modern or classical, you can see beautiful metal aluminum balcony guardrails in different forms everywhere

in the dazzling market, many people do not know how to choose high-quality aluminum balcony guardrails. Now the author invites experts to introduce the selection skills of aluminum balcony guardrails

as the main core part of aluminum balcony guardrail, the quality of mesh is very important, so we should also pay great attention to it when choosing. The density of the mesh in the mesh is the main factor affecting the firmness of the whole mesh, but it is not that the denser the mesh is, the better. The choice of steel affects the impact resistance of the mesh. The welding interface and knitting point on a good mesh are well combined, and will not be damaged due to some small impact

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