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In the highly competitive door and window market, the importance of marketing has become increasingly prominent. Consumers affect the fate of door and window enterprises. In this new era of slowing economic growth, door and window enterprises have to accelerate the pace of expanding new markets to alleviate the crisis of overcapacity. At the same time, in order to obtain the recognition of consumers, door and window enterprises should attach great importance to the innovation of marketing model no matter what the future development trend is

traditional marketing no longer meets the needs of enterprise development

brand publicity and brand innovation that are not for the purpose of sales are playing hooligans. This sentence is explicit, but also very real! In the door and window industry under the "new normal", the profit is particularly precious. But the marketing mentioned here certainly does not mean that it pursues its profits and ignores the product quality. What is said here is how to improve the creativity of marketing in the Internet age, and how to use various marketing means to maximize the profits for enterprises on the basis of ensuring the product quality

nowadays, traditional marketing means such as advertising and promotional activities have become somewhat weak under the trend of new media, and consumers will not be excited about these common means. Door and window enterprises must innovate marketing means to seek a new way out if they want to seize a certain market in the new era

there are three steps in marketing innovation of door and window enterprises:

first, we should pay close attention to product innovation, expand the innovation of single product style from the perspective of marketing, and strive to improve the innovation of product categories

the second is the innovation of marketing ability. There is a phenomenon in major shopping malls, that is, "the peak season is not prosperous, and the off-season is not weak", so now the marketing of door and window enterprises can no longer be based on pure brand innovation advertising. We should change the marketing perspective, and do a good job in product marketing channels from the trinity of "brand, product and marketing". From products, brands to marketing, service innovation in the door and window market is also critical

third, micro innovation is a refreshing agent for the development of door and window enterprises. It may not directly have a great impact on marketing, but a series of "micro actions" will have great long-term benefits for the publicity and marketing of pinpi. For example, for the victory of the national football team, combining with the brand of Xilinmen, wechat has received great attention. For a time, the wechat circle opened the screen brushing mode, which makes people sigh the charm of micro innovation. In fact, this minimally invasive new cost is very low. As long as we brainstorm and properly combine social hot spots with brand innovation, it will have a great impact




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