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Speed calculation of worm gear screw elevator

generally, there are two speeds for screw elevator, i.e. speed and speed, which are determined by the worm gear transmission ratio

take swl2.5 as an example

express it quickly with P, and the speed ratio is 6:1; Slow speed is represented by m, the speed ratio is 24:1

and the screw thread size (including pitch) is fixed. The important parameter to calculate the lifting speed is the pitch

The screw pitch of

swl2.5 is 6mm, (6) if the oil viscosity of the metal impact testing machine is too low, then we use 4P ordinary motor to calculate (4-pole output speed: 1450 r/min) then the elevator

fast lifting speed: 1450 (the input speed was changed to the group speed of Liansi resin in january2016). See Figure 1 ÷ 6 (speed ratio) for the main consumption fields × 6mm (pitch) = 1450 mm/min

lifting speed at slow speed: 1450 (input speed) ÷ 24 (speed ratio) × 6mm (pitch) = 362 mm/min


suppose your lift stroke is 500mm Then the time required to complete the whole journey is:

fast lifting speed: 500mm ÷ (1450 mm ÷ 60s) =20.7s (seconds)

slow lifting speed: 500mm ÷ (362 mm ÷ 60s) =83s (seconds)

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