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The speed and temperature of the corrugated paper plate bonding and automatic line

the bonding strength of the paper plate is an important index for the physical property inspection of the paper. Whether it is qualified or not is related to the quality of the whole batch of cartons. Because a large part of the cartons produced by the automatic line are used for export packaging, and the goods loaded into the cartons have to be stacked and bumped for a long time such as domestic storage, transportation and sea transportation. It is not uncommon for cartons to fester and collapse due to poor adhesion, which not only causes losses to carton manufacturers and exporters, but also affects our country's foreign voice. Therefore, how to improve the adhesive strength of paperboard is an important issue for those of us who have automatic lines. In terms of single corrugated board, we analyze the causes that affect the adhesion and think that the speed and temperature of the automatic line are two important factors

the bonding process of paperboard involves complex physical and chemical changes. In addition to the

properties of adhesives, these professionals involved are scattered in relevant industries and also depend on the changes of various conditions. The properties of adhesives include viscosity, pH value, pasting temperature and other indicators. The size of these indicators directly affects the bonding strength of paperboard. Therefore, when making adhesives, we should: Suitable viscosity. Gb/t 3098.16 ⑵ 000 mechanical properties of fasteners stainless steel set screws

2, suitable concentration

3. The change of viscosity should be small

4. Good initial adhesion

5. No sediment

6. Make the cardboard hard

according to the above points, we should produce the adhesive in strict accordance with the operating procedures and process requirements, and take into account various environmental factors to ensure the bonding quality of paperboard. Therefore, when we study the following relationship between adhesion and speed and temperature, we can assume that the adhesive meets the requirements, which is more conducive to analyzing the relationship between them

(I) relationship between adhesion and speed

1. Adhesion of single-sided corrugated paperboard

in the single-sided machine, the process of starch particles in the adhesive producing adhesion is:

water absorption, swelling, wetting, destruction, dispersion, dehydration and solidification (formation of macromolecular chains)

if the speed of the single-sided machine is too fast, the amount of glue applied to the corrugated paper will be reduced, and the glue width will be narrowed, affecting the bonding effect

if the speed of the single-sided machine is too slow, it will not only increase the amount of glue, but also harden the starch adhesive due to too high temperature and lose the bonding effect

2. The relationship between the speed of the double-sided machine and the bonding

the bonding of the double-sided machine is to compound the single-sided corrugated board with the face paper. Its bonding is the key to the bonding of the whole board. A good speed control will not only make the corrugated and face paper compound well, but also make up for the bonding defects of the single-sided corrugated board. On the contrary, if the control is not good, it will cause poor bonding of the whole board

if the speed of the double-sided machine is too fast, the gelatinization amount of face paper and corrugated paper will be reduced, the heat is too low, and the starch will not be gelatinized, resulting in poor adhesion

if the speed of the double-sided machine is too low, the gelatinization amount of the face paper and corrugated paper will increase, the heat will be too high, the starch structure will be damaged, and the bonding structure of the single-sided corrugated paper board will be damaged, causing the paper board to be scorched

(II) relationship between adhesion and temperature

the following table shows the relationship between temperature, speed and steam pressure of the automatic line (see Table 1)

table 1

steam pressure (kg/cm2) speed (M/min) temperature (℃)







10.0100179 179

12.0150 187

corrugated board is repeated on the double-sided machine when combined, due to the high temperature of the first group of heating plates, the second and third groups are used to dry and stabilize the paperboard, Therefore, how to adjust the temperature of the three groups of heating plates plays a very important role in the bonding effect

if the temperature of the double-sided machine is too high, the adhesive will be gelatinized in a very short time, and it will be over dried on the hot plate at other times, which will cause excessive drying of the paperboard. In production, this situation generally occurs only when producing three-layer paperboard. Therefore, if the high-speed operation is not possible due to other conditions, several groups of heating plates should be closed or lowered

if the temperature of the double-sided machine is too low (not lower than 155 ℃, i.e. the pressure cannot be lower than 5kg), it will take a long time for the paperboard to reach the gelatinization of the adhesive when running in the double-sided machine, so that the paperboard can not be fully dried. In this way, the paperboard with too high moisture will not only affect the bonding, but also cause warpage and low thickness. Therefore, when this happens, such as oxide skin, metal debris, etc., the production speed should be high or low

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