Speed up the innovation of agricultural machinery

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Under the background of accelerating agricultural machinery innovation and promoting "machine replacement"

supply side reform, what weaknesses exist in agricultural mechanization and how to make up for them? From the 19th to the 22nd, experts, scholars and participants held a seminar held by the Ministry of human resources and social security and the Ministry of agriculture in Nanjing

according to Liang Jian, a researcher at Nanjing Institute of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture, China's agriculture will destroy the development of mechanization of the service life of experimental machines, and is constantly making up for the decline in agricultural comprehensive production capacity caused by the transfer of agricultural labor, "Advanced and applicable product molding manufacturers can achieve further product integration design. How agricultural technology can be popularized and better applied through agricultural machinery is an urgent problem to be solved."

Liu Xian, President of China Association of agricultural mechanization, believes that with the rapid promotion of land transfer, the cost is 28Mpa, and large-scale agricultural production is gradually taking shape. There is a broad demand for a number of machines and tools that save water, fertilizer and medicine, as well as machines and tools for comprehensive utilization and harmless treatment of livestock and poultry manure, agricultural film and crop straw, as well as machines and tools for energy conservation and emission reduction. Correspondingly, there are many shortcomings in agricultural machinery equipment technology, such as insufficient supply of high-end products, and some old agricultural machinery with high energy consumption are still in extended service. "In the face of the oncoming wave of informatization, the preparation in various fields of agricultural mechanization is not sufficient, and there is an urgent need to make significant progress in bridging the gap."

the "replacement of machines" in various fields of agricultural production has been accelerated, and agricultural mechanization is accelerating towards the whole process and comprehensiveness. However, on the whole, there are problems in many aspects, such as "inorganic availability", "no good machine use" and "organic difficulty" in varying degrees, and the capacity of the supply side of agricultural mechanization needs to be improved. "The most important thing is to supplement the short board that the equipment will not change due to resistance." Li Anning, deputy director of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Management of the Ministry of agriculture, said that we should focus on scientific and technological innovation, make every effort to increase the effective supply of agricultural machinery technology and equipment, and support and promote the accelerated transformation of innovative achievements into products and promotion and application

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