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Speed up project construction to promote high-quality economic development release date: Source: Xiangyang

flowers bloom in spring. When you enter Xiangzhou, you can see the hot scene of project construction, showing full enthusiasm for high-quality development everywhere. As of April 8, all the 6.5 billion plus projects in the region have resumed work; 143 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size returned to work, with a return rate of 99.3%

Xiangzhou has further promoted the supply side structural reform, cashed in various financial incentives, subsidies and coordinated the implementation of industrial services, with nearly 1billion of integrated financial support funds, supported enterprises to achieve full production, adhered to the high-end, green and intensive direction, accelerated the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and promoted high-quality economic development

make every effort to expand effective investment. In March, Xiangzhou signed, started and completed 16 projects with a total investment of 18.8 billion yuan. Focusing on the localized reserve of emergency materials, the district has focused on precise investment promotion and project construction, and introduced and constructed a number of epidemic prevention material production and public health industry projects. In more than one month, 10 industrial projects of medical epidemic prevention materials have been introduced with a total investment of 2.81 billion yuan. A new industrial chain covering medical epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing, forehead temperature guns, thermal imagers and isolation clothes has been created, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the supply of epidemic prevention materials in the market in the short term and building a localized reserve in the long term. Seizing major development opportunities at the national, provincial and municipal levels, focusing on the industrial direction and policy guidance, and focusing on key areas such as promoting high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy, improving urban functions and quality, and ensuring and improving people's livelihood, we plan a number of large projects to strive for more projects to enter the national, provincial and municipal "plates"

make every effort to attract investment. The intelligent home textile (phase I) project of Jihua 3542 Ecological Industrial Park, the medical epidemic prevention materials production project of Xiangyang Dingxing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and the jinyijia new material packaging production project are typical projects for Xiangzhou to build epidemic prevention and supply strategic reserve and new material and new technology industrial system, and promote the differential development of economic high-quality horizontal and vertical tensile testing machines. Focusing on equipment manufacturing, agricultural product processing, textile and garment industries, the zone uses various major exhibitions and docking platforms to target central enterprises and industry leading enterprises to carry out accurate investment attraction and attract a number of industrial projects with good development prospects, high scientific and technological content, strong driving ability and good quality and benefit. Strive to introduce 4 of the world's top 500, China's top 500 and listed enterprises, 16 projects with more than 500million yuan, and more than 35billion yuan of investment

make every effort to speed up the project construction. It took only 10 days for Xiangyang Dingxing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. to make the world see for the first time that PPC is a project that can be industrialized. The project investment was 200million. It has a 2800 square meter 100000 level purification workshop and a 10000 level local 100 level microbiology laboratory to ensure that the product quality meets the relevant national standards. The product has passed the inspection of Hubei Medical device inspection and Research Institute, and obtained the certification of CE, FDA and other institutions. The district adheres to the process management of whether there is looseness in all relevant terminals of the project, continues to promote the regional unified evaluation and application of achievements in the industrial park, and promotes the "standard land" mode of industrial project construction, so as to create conditions for the rapid implementation of the project. Implement full chain tracking, whole process agency and all-round services for key projects, strengthen dynamic assessment, and shorten project transformation and construction cycle. Accelerate the construction of Jingdong e-commerce Industrial Park, Picea Meicai, Baowu group Xiangyang heavy materials and other projects

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