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As we all know, procurement is an important work related to the operating efficiency of enterprises, and the working ability of procurement personnel in auto parts distribution enterprises is even more important. Because there are many types and specifications of auto parts, and the technical business is strong. The difficulty of the procurement process of various commodities, the complexity of sales conditions and the diversity of customer needs directly affect the quality of procurement and the effectiveness of enterprise operation, especially for auto parts procurement

in recent years, due to the serious shortage of professional purchasers who understand auto parts marketing in the industry, many enterprises are operated by the boss and his wife in person or controlled by a few trusted people, which has become a special position that only a few people can hold. In the past six years since the establishment of the company, although the company has not done what these family enterprises have done, and has successively selected a number of business backbones to undertake the procurement work, so far, after several rounds of personnel changes and "waves washing away the sand", there are still only a few competent professional auto parts procurement personnel left. Therefore, a considerable number of purchasing personnel still have many deficiencies and drawbacks in ideology, concept understanding, mind and work attitude; In the specific procurement work, there are still many problems and misunderstandings in working methods, business operation, external influence, acceptance ability, etc. The following is based on the author's grasp of some of the situation to talk about the misunderstanding in the procurement work

1. Some misunderstandings in the concept of purchasing personnel

1, "purchasing is a 'fat' of an enterprise and a 'beautiful job' that people envy"; These people do not know the importance and size of their work, but distort and misunderstand the nature of the work of specific procurement posts from the perspective of "decent appearance, vanity, impetuousness, boasting and self-interest". It is impossible to do a good job because the displacement system of the tension machine adopts the 3-loop control mode; Therefore, the circuit in the displacement system should be disconnected first

2, "the procurement work is simple. As long as you know how to operate the computer, check the inventory, and draw gourds according to the ladle, you can save yourself a lot"; These people regard the purchase of auto parts as a simple business operation, and have insufficient understanding of its difficulty, complexity and relevance to the quality of enterprise operation. They only want to be able to do it, not to do it well

3, "as long as you have money, what can't be purchased?"; These people have forgotten the "true meaning" of doing a good job in procurement, ignored the requirements for cost performance of procurement, "as long as there is, not quality", did not bargain, did not understand the demand situation of some commodities in the market, and took things for granted. When there is a real demand and there is an urgent need for procurement, there is no way to "do nothing"

4, "as long as I buy it back, whether I buy it or not has nothing to do with me"; This kind of person has a serious "one-sided task concept", only knows to complete the "entry" of commodities, ignores the sales of commodities, does not care about the operating results of the whole enterprise, and lacks the benefit concept of procurement, so he cannot become a qualified purchaser

5, "do not pay attention to the learning and mastery of business knowledge, do not strive for perfection, do well and do well, and have a weak concept of benefit"; These people usually don't pay attention to the improvement of their professional ability. They just want to be decent, not tough. They often think that "the economic benefits of the enterprise have nothing to do with me, and I can do with a lot of monthly wages"

6, "it doesn't matter whether the price of the purchased goods is higher or lower, and they don't know how to ask for profits from the purchase phase"; They do not understand the real meaning of procurement work, and do not know the basic functions of procurement personnel. These people do not understand that "it is much easier to ask the manufacturer for a dollar's profit than to sell a dollar more to retailers and direct customers". They do not understand the basic principle that only high-quality and low-cost goods can obtain more profits. They are not willing to bargain with suppliers, haggle over every ounce, lower the purchase price as much as possible, and obtain preferential rights

II. Several misunderstandings and disadvantages of purchasing staff's working ability and operation methods

1, "there is no concept of commodity purchase and sales cycle, and the purchase quantity is random, which can save effort and worry"

these purchasers have forgotten the basic requirements of the procurement work. They always think that it doesn't matter to purchase more at one time, so that they can avoid frequent re-entry in the future. They don't know or don't care. The inventory capital is limited, and they need to turnover more times. They are not willing to do more business with the minimum capital. They just want to save time and effort

2. Do not pay attention to the market dynamics and seasonal changes, only purchase according to the regular plan, and do not know how to adjust in time to ensure sales and reduce pressure; Especially in the seasonal exchange, there is no habit of timely adjusting and grasping seasonal commodities, and there is no just going in, or according to the last batch, resulting in long-term pressure on a large number of seasonal commodities; However, those who require to purchase some goods in advance are always slower than others. When they want to do so, they will either be out of stock or their prices will rise

3. Listen to others' opinions, and regard the accidental primary goods as inevitable routine goods, resulting in serious pressure on the cold parts and basic parts; This kind of situation often occurs in the procurement work in the previous stage. The customer's requirements are not carefully investigated and analyzed, and the required varieties are not judged, resulting in occasional oneortwo sales and more long-term pressure

4. Do not want to check the inventory carefully, do not want to verify the model and specification, do things based on old experience, and take the purchase plan for granted; In the process of making purchase plans, some people only want to make a plan quickly, rather than make a detailed comparison and query. They clearly know that there are twoorthree suppliers of this variety, but they try to save effort. They only ask for goods according to the inventory of one of them, resulting in the supply of multiple suppliers of the same variety. Others have known that a certain variety is similar to another variety in price and quality, and the vehicle model is also common, but they are afraid of checking one by one, and they are afraid of causing stock shortage, so they prefer more than enough, resulting in an increasing number of commodities with the same quality and price, and the lack of layers and gradients in the price performance ratio of commodities

5. They did not develop good working habits and did not pay attention to the improvement of business ability and the feedback of market information

some purchasers did not form the habit of carefully recording demand information and feeding back market conditions in the process of business negotiation and external procurement, did not pay attention to summarizing and improving their judgment and decision-making ability in their work, and were slow to respond to some important demand information and market dynamics, so they lost many opportunities for business development

6. When formulating the plan for the whole series of bedding accessories, it does not distinguish between vulnerable parts, basic parts or remote parts; Whether it is easy to sell or difficult to sell, whether it is often sold or difficult to sell, all orders are made according to the names in the parts catalogue manual, and the required quantities are similar, resulting in the backlog of many basic parts and rare parts

these personnel seem to be serious in their work, but they do not understand the market demand characteristics. They do not understand that there are different rules for the wear and damage of parts between different models and categories due to different design and manufacturing conditions. Some models are easy to sell, while others are easy to sell, and the categories of vulnerable parts of different models are different. Therefore, more vulnerable parts should be prepared when making the initial plan, There are few basic parts and rare parts, and the stock quantity of three different types of accessories should be different, with different levels

7. The work style is simple and rough, often forgetting, remembering before and forgetting after, and constantly making mistakes, which seriously affects the efficiency and benefit of procurement work

this kind of person has a simple mind and a rough style, which is far from the requirements of a qualified purchaser for "quick thinking, quick reflection, meticulous work and steadfast work". They often look ahead and can't look back. They either forget this thing or do the wrong thing. It seems that they are busy, but their work efficiency is very low, and it is difficult to complete their work tasks

III. misunderstanding and malpractice of purchasing personnel caused by external influence

1. Influenced by the thought of excessive performance desire of sales personnel, they do not follow the work flow and purchasing principles

when the Purchaser receives an order, he only listens to the opinions of the salesperson, does not conduct market research on the product name and specification required by the order, and does not "have it? Is the model and specification accurate? How long will the delivery take? How much will the cost be?" And a series of problems are not carefully confirmed, but really "urgently change the number of experiments (1.9999999) and freely set the customer's urgency according to the requirements". A promise, an immediate quotation, and an easy order often result in either no goods or no goods, unable to arrive in time, and bearing the customer's complaints; Either the cost is high, the quotation is low, and you can't make money

2. Being misled by customer demand information and not carefully confirmed, resulting in invalid procurement and commodity pressure

this kind of situation is often encountered. When a customer wants a part, regardless of whether the required model specification is accurate or not, they immediately organize the purchase without careful verification. As a result, it is not the same thing after arrival. As a result, it is either returned or these businesses are lost; In addition, customers' demand for goods (especially rare parts) is not confirmed and no deposit is charged. When the purchase comes back, customers have already bought from other places, so they have to "eat in" and become unsalable goods

3. Influenced by the superficial false requirements, they make blind decisions and purchase goods on impulse, resulting in unnecessary commodity pressure

some purchasers are misled by some seemingly false information at a certain stage and regard the uncertain commodity demand as the real demand information. Even if some demand information is true, they cannot immediately determine the demand for goods or other suppliers have better and cheaper goods; Others heard from several channels that many customers wanted the goods at the same time. They bought a batch of goods regardless of the price. However, after learning about it, it was only the same customer who wanted it. However, you blindly organized the source of goods to purchase, resulting in the pressure on inventory

4. Often misunderstand the instructions and intentions of relevant leaders, and purchase goods mechanically and dogmatically without analysis and thinking

although this situation was committed by a few people, it caused a lot of losses. Obviously, the leader asked him to negotiate with the supplier and purchase goods after meeting our requirements. However, he often failed to negotiate seriously and immediately purchased home without negotiating the price, payment requirements and San Bao period. As a result, the leader was passive and missed more favorable conditions

IV. work misunderstanding caused by the influence of suppliers and channels

1. Purchasers are often "fooled" by the manufacturer, credulous of the so-called "preferential policies" of the supplier, and do not pay attention to it, and do not plan to purchase; These people have a soft ear. They have no doubt about the manufacturer's regular price adjustment information, seasonal inventory reduction preferential policies, and price reduction and promotion. They believe that the opportunity is not lost. They often report it to the department leaders or leaders in charge as "good news" when they come back. They buy a lot of goods under the "deception" of the manufacturer. In the end, they just help the manufacturer get rid of the "burden", which is really unprofitable to the company

2. In the formulation of purchase plan, there is no principle or independent opinion. The supplier needs what he recommends, enters what he has, and believes what he says. Passive purchase seriously affects the variety rate and arrival rate

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