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Xiangzhou speeds up the construction of intelligent factory digital workshop release date: Source: Xiangyang

"this medium-sized car, the machine, will participate in the competition around Tesla Model 3. The work efficiency has been improved by nearly five times and the production cost has been greatly saved." On September 18, in the workshop of Xiangyang Jiutian Textile Co., Ltd., several robots were busy on the production line and became good partners for women textile workers. This is an epitome of the intelligent transformation of enterprises in Xiangzhou District

centering on the creation of a "made in China 2025" national demonstration zone in Xiangyang, Xiangzhou District has vigorously guided and promoted enterprises to increase investment in technological transformation, vigorously organized and implemented a number of intelligent manufacturing projects focusing on replacing people with machines, promoted a number of enterprises such as Changyuan Donggu and srida to carry out the upgrading and transformation of digital workshops or intelligent factories, and accelerated the development of intelligent equipment industries such as CNC machine tools and industrial robots. Focusing on the overall goal of building more than 30 automatic production lines, more than 15 digital workshops and more than 10 intelligent factories by 2020, the district has broken down tasks to the year, refined measures and made every effort to promote. At the same time, the district has increased the inclination of policies and resources, supported a number of technological transformation and capacity expansion projects, promoted them to realize new production capacity as soon as possible, promoted transformation and upgrading, increased energy and efficiency, and guided more enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation

strive for "national standard" investment and construction. It only takes three people to accumulate the energy for transformation "from the cylinder head blank of the engine to the finishing molding." In the first half of this year, Xiangyang Changyuan Donggu Industrial Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity of implementing the "national six standards", invested 620million to introduce advanced equipment and build an assembly intelligent production line. The company introduced intelligent robots, power assisted manipulators and plate frame manipulators to build an advanced machining center and armed the engine cylinder block and cylinder head production line with intelligent and automatic operations, which not only improved work efficiency, but also improved product quality to a new level. The production terminals of the enterprise can reflect the production situation in real time and realize remote control through the network, but the production chain is not formed between the production terminals. At present, the enterprise plans to launch an intelligent management system to solve these problems

in the process of implementing the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises, Xiangzhou District takes into account the transformation and upgrading needs of traditional manufacturing industry, carries out research on the application standards of intelligent manufacturing industry in key fields, and focuses on supporting the promotion and application of core intelligent manufacturing equipment in intelligent factories and digital workshops, so as to improve the intelligent level of manufacturing industry. Xiangyang Lefeng grain and Oil Co., Ltd. has introduced the domestic advanced automatic rice processing and production technology and complete sets of equipment, and adopted the new centrifugal and swirl separation process, which has greatly improved the product quality and core competitiveness, and made the company win in the fierce market competition

starting with the intelligent manufacturing project, Xiangzhou District strives to build a number of intelligent chemical plants and digital workshops to achieve clean manufacturing, diversified creation and brand building. At present, a number of intelligent demonstration plants, digital production lines and workshops in the area are highlighted. In Zhengda Co., Ltd., Zhengda food, Changyuan Donggu, Luhua packaging, boruite and other enterprises, the construction of intelligent chemical plants is in full swing, and the sound of digital production lines is booming... At present, Xiangzhou District has Changyuan Donggu d1 More than 20 digital production lines such as ci13, fengjiang intelligent plant protection UAV, and Jiuyang technology waterproof materials were not correctly placed during jaw clamping, and more than 10 enterprises such as Jiutian textile and Senyuan machinery realized machine replacement

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