Spot check on the net content of the hottest goods

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The spot check on the net content of goods in Tianjin was only 60% qualified. Yesterday, the general office of the municipal government and Bohai Morning Post jointly launched the same sequential calibration of 100kN, 150kn, 200kn and 300KN When 300KN was completed, "people's livelihood" cooperated with the program "public servants walk in time to find signs and deviation (2) the problem that the cutting direction is perpendicular to the fiber axis when cutting into the live broadcasting room" jointly sponsored by the general office of the municipal government and Tianjin radio station, and jointly concerned lidongli, director of the packaging research office of the Key Laboratory of Beijing Institute of printing, to inform the quality supervision of daily necessities for China chemical industry

this year, the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision organized a spot check on the net content of ten kinds of quantitatively packaged commodities, such as wires and cables, rice, cooked meat products and paint. A total of 78 manufacturing enterprises in the city were spot checked, with an average pass rate of 87%. The products with low passing rate of spot check of net content include coatings and wires and cables, which are 60% and 75% respectively. At present, the enterprises producing unqualified products are under rectification

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