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Xi'cha and Tsinghua Environmental Innovation Institute jointly promote the environmental protection development of the new tea industry

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xi'cha and Tsinghua Suzhou environmental innovation institute cooperation signing ceremony

on August 17, Xicha signed a plan with Tsinghua Suzhou Institute of environmental innovation (hereinafter referred to as RIET) to "carry out cooperation on the green development of plastic restrictions in Xicha and new tea industry". In this friendly cooperation, Xicha will rely on the professional technical force of Tsinghua environmental science and technology to translate the plastic restriction order into action on time and according to quality, and implement it into the daily operation of the company, so as to improve the overall green development level

"paper straw is more environmentally friendly. I choose to use paper straw." In Xicha store, we can see that there are two options: Plastic straw and paper straw. Most customers prefer to use paper straw

"since June 2019, Xicha stores across the country have started to implement paper straws, and have also synchronously put into use packaging products with environmentally friendly materials, actively recycled plastic products for reuse, and went deep into store operations, enterprises and consumer groups to promote the concept of green environmental protection." As of June 2020, about 1/3 of the consumers of Xicha have used paper straws, and more than 11million plastic straws have been reduced in stores across the country, the head of public relations of Xicha media said; At present, takeout in Beijing has defaulted to deliver paper straws, and will be implemented in more cities in the future

it is understood that the "green development cooperation of plastic limit" plan will take Xicha stores as the basic object, start with the implementation plan of plastic limit in stores, and use the technical strength of Tsinghua Environmental Innovation Institute and the promotion of Xicha. First, the replacement of plastic straws will be completed before the rubber sample breaks, so as to further build a green operation chain. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation on new tea green development projects such as "plastic restriction compliance, plastic reduction and substitution, garbage classification, green cultural innovation, public welfare publicity, CSR corporate society", help Xicha and the whole new tea industry establish an ESG rating system, and promote the green environmental protection development of the industry in these four stages as described below

the scale of Xicha stores is gradually expanding and taking shape. At present, there are more than 500 stores in 49 cities around the world. The windward of B) tested products, Kyoto University of Japan and auto parts suppliers have also developed a new light and high-strength material extracted from wood pulp - cellulose nanofiber. The ratio of the sectional area to the total area of the laboratory box studio on this section is not more than (35 ~ 50)% (35% is recommended). As the pioneer of new tea, Xi tea will take the lead in the industry to actively respond to the national environmental protection policy and set an example in the green environmental protection of catering. First of all, we should start from advocating the use of biodegradable straw, so that consumers can fully understand the importance of using environmentally friendly materials. "We are well aware of the high frequency of plastic products used by catering enterprises, especially the large consumption of plastic straws by beverage enterprises for a long time, which has caused increasingly significant damage to the environment."

Xicha's investment and development in green environmental protection projects have just begun, and the smooth implementation of these projects cannot be separated from the technical support of professional teams. In the future, Tsinghua Environmental Innovation Institute will cooperate with Xi Cha to carry out the research and development of green recycling packaging materials, jointly establish Xi Cha environmental protection demonstration stores, and create a new model of "Xi Cha" plastic limit and environmental protection

as the pioneer of new tea, Xi Cha took the lead in actively responding to the national environmental protection policy, fulfilling the environmental protection of enterprises and promoting the development of catering green environmental protection projects; It is hoped that enterprises will consciously and responsibly shoulder the cause of green environmental protection to influence the public to jointly practice green environmental protection

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