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Pu Chuan technology successfully bid for a new cement plant project in Dalian

Pu Chuan technology successfully bid for a new cement plant project in Dalian

Pu Chuan technology, for example: if you only need 5kg technology to achieve long-term anti adhesion of marine organisms (3 years ago, Dalian company successfully bid for a new cement plant project in Dalian. The complete power distribution system has been transported to the plant base and is about to be installed and debugged.

it is reported that there are many foreign brands participating in the bidding. However, due to factors such as the price and construction period, Dalian puchuanke technology, which has a favorable time and place, competed with reasonable quotation, improved technical services and short construction period. The cement plant is a new dry process cement plant with a daily output of 4000 tons Material production line. The bidding is strict and standardized. The company provides frequency converters for the coal mill of the plant to enhance its ability to deal with trade protectionism, such as pulverized coal concentrator, pulverized coal exhaust fan, heavy plate feeder, humidification tower water pump, cooling fan, etc. All of them are installed in cabinet type. The manufacturing of the cabinet must comply with the corresponding industry standards, and the overall protection is IP20. There are reliable high-frequency harmonic protection measures to ensure that no pollution and interference will be caused to power, field equipment and DCS system; The cabinet adopts shielding design to eliminate external radiation interference. The ventilation in the cabinet shall be good, and the cooling fan shall be durable to ensure that the temperature rise in the cabinet is not higher than the ambient temperature by 20 ℃; There should be a set of auxiliary standby circuit for manual direct starting motor in the frequency converter cabinet, and the main electrical components such as contactors and relays should be foreign brands. With remote conversion and operation function of panel and central control, with coding control feedback function, and on-site emergency stop interface; The DCS interface of remote central control operation should be standard and formal. The frequency converter should also have the function of instant power off and automatic restart tracking, and the number of continuous restarts should not be less than two

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