Troubleshooting of sticking dirt on the back of th

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Troubleshooting of sticking dirt on the back of Paperboard Printing

for printing workers, sticking dirt on the back and rubbing dirt on the back are common faults and difficult to solve. Of course, for the newly produced equipment, great improvements have been made in both process and equipment mechanism. For example, installing UV and IR drying devices and increasing the paper transfer time between two adjacent units are better methods. But for the printing equipment without drying device, we have to adopt the traditional method of powder spraying and small stacking. However, powder spraying often leads to the decline of the gloss of printed matter and the difficulty of laminating after the launch of products, and also pollutes the production environment and equipment. We know that the back sticky dirt is caused by the existence of residual viscosity of the ink layer and the positive pressure on the substrate, so as long as we overcome any factor, we can solve the back sticky dirt problem, which has been gradually eliminated by the market

for packaged products, most of them use thick cardboard of more than 250G/m2 for printing, so the stiffness of the cardboard is higher than that of thin paper. Therefore, you can rotate the semi-finished products after printing by 90 °, and place them vertically on the side, which reduces the positive pressure between each printed product, so as to avoid sticking dirt on the back. The use effect is good. It is suggested that peers might as well try it. (author: Liu Chao)

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