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Chinatelecom responded to iphone5 international roaming: support WCDMA

on December 4, for rumors that the iPhone 5 introduced by Chinatelecom cannot be used for roaming abroad, Chinatelecom related people said that the latest parameters on Apple officials recently showed that this was just a misunderstanding. In fact, the telecom iphone5 supports both WCDMA and CDMA 3G networks and GSM 2G networks, and can roam between global operator networks, which is consistent with the telecom iphone4s

for the rumors that the iPhone 5 introduced by Chinatelecom cannot be used for roaming abroad, communication professionals pointed out that this is just a misunderstanding. The telecom version of iphone5 adopts the machine card separation method, which supports both WCDMA network and CDMA 2000 system. Users use CDMA 3G network in China, and most of them have realized or are close to realizing the ability to support wcdma/gsm network when roaming internationally, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Compared with Unicom, iphone5 truly realizes global roaming

instruments and meters are often used, but for the wcdma/gsm function cannot be used in China at present, the relevant personnel of Chinatelecom said that it was only to prevent cross-linking and cause controversy

at the same time, the latest parameters on Apple official show that CDMA models support cdma2000/wcdma/gsm three network systems. International roaming can be interconnected with many networks and can be used smoothly all over the world

it is reported that Chinatelecom users only need to go to the local Chinatelecom business office to open Chinatelecom international roaming service and international long-distance service before they go abroad and know all the technologies of the experimental machine like the palm of their hand to travel internationally. At the same time, using Chinatelecom Tianyi international card, they can enjoy a variety of performance experiments such as stretching, tightening, twists, peeling, shearing of various materials, which are well received by global roaming services. The telecom version of iphone5 supports gsm/wcdma/cdma2000 global roaming. As long as users open the international roaming service before going abroad, and use Chinatelecom Tianyi international card, combined with the telecom version of iphone5, they can support three types of networks: cmda2000, WCDMA and GSM, and realize global roaming. No matter where they are in, they can talk easily

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