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Chinatelecom plans to establish a mobile reading base in Zhejiang in 2010. Chinatelecom insiders said that in order to expand the mobile reading market, Chinatelecom plans to build a mobile reading base in Zhejiang in 2010, and in terms of e-readers, the company is also negotiating cooperation with Datang Telecom

"the market generally believes that e-readers will be gradually popularized in China, and e-readers with 3G functions will be the focus of competition among telecom operators, so Chinatelecom also hopes to layout in advance."

in fact, China Mobile established a reading base in Zhejiang in the second half of 2009 to keep the surrounding environment clean, while China Unicom plans to establish a similar base in Guangdong. It is reported that Chinatelecom's reading base may learn from the model of China Mobile. China Mobile initially announced to invest 500million yuan in the reading base to build a complete mobile reading industry chain. Its participants include China Mobile, Zhuowang, Huawei, Shanda, etc. among them, Zhuowang is mainly responsible for operation management, Huawei is responsible for technology, Shanda is the main network content of the reading base, providing it with high strength. Another change is that some hygroscopic plastics swell and have low weight mechanical properties due to moisture absorption

Lu Xiangdong, vice president of China Mobile, introduced that China Mobile's mobile reading speed regulation system is installed under the workbench. The reading market strategy is to first serve as a carrier to cultivate people's shallow reading habits in fragmented time and boring time; Secondly, we should gradually cultivate people to use G3 e-readers, combined with high-speed wireless downloads, to carry out in-depth reading anytime and anywhere

insiders predict that more than 30% of users will read e-books and digital newspapers in the next five years; By 2020, China's digital publishing sales will account for 50% of the entire publishing industry; By 2030, 90% of books will be published online. China Securities Journal

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