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Tan Tianxing: build a beautiful China and promote the sustainable development of the paper industry

since ancient times, paper has an indissoluble bond with the Chinese people. Cai Lun of the Eastern Han Dynasty improved papermaking 1900 years ago, which not only solved the problem of paper source, but also realized the scale of papermaking. It has had an immeasurable impact on the spread and development of human civilization. Papermaking is one of the greatest contributions of the Chinese people to world civilization

today, our forum focuses on the problems and challenges faced by China's paper industry, advocates green and healthy development, promotes rapid integration and healthy development at home and abroad, and looks forward to a sustainable future

at present, China is the largest paper producer in the world. Although the paper industry has the advantages of forest carbon sink, low carbon emission, recycling, mature technology and so on, China's paper industry has not yet got rid of the mode of high consumption, high energy consumption and high pollution. Facing the pressure of world resources and environment, the future development of China's paper industry needs the advice and contributions of all guests present

the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee made a deployment in comprehensively deepening reform, emphasizing the construction of ecological civilization, which fully reflects the country's determination and confidence in building a beautiful China. We remember that the general secretary once said that we should not only have green water and green mountains, but also have golden mountains and silver mountains. As long as we have green water and green mountains, we should not have golden mountains and silver mountains. Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains

the determination to build a beautiful China means that the country will continue to step up the pace of eliminating the backward production capacity of the paper industry and embark on a low-carbon road based on the development of the paper industry. Therefore, facing the national strategy and the road of future development, the paper industry will vigorously study how to innovate the industrial model, improve the enterprise society, promote the construction in a coordinated manner, based on sustainable development, enhance the competitiveness of the industry, so as to promote the lower carbon, healthy and sustainable development of the whole paper industry, Let China's paper industry continue to make its due and unique contribution to the people

for a long time, the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council has focused on the efforts of overseas Chinese businessmen to pay attention to the sustainable development of overseas Chinese funded enterprises in China, and has fully supported and guided enterprises' bold innovation and balanced development in industrial upgrading and transformation. We are glad to see that while China's paper industry is undergoing ecological changes, some overseas Chinese enterprises have the courage to take responsibility, actively give full play to their own advantages, build a common exchange platform for the development of the entire industry, and promote the continuous progress of China's paper industry

when I went to Jiangsu to investigate this year, I also made a special trip to Jindong paper. At that time, in order not to affect the normal use of the electronic universal experimental machine, I visited the fish pond after the sewage treatment of Jindong paper industry. At that time, I told a friend from a paper company that I didn't believe it at that time. I said, did you bring this water from the Yangtze River? They said it was impossible. I am very happy to see that Chinese paper enterprises have reached such a level of technology, environmental awareness and awareness, which is very gratifying to us. (this article is compiled according to tan Tianxing, deputy director of the overseas Chinese office of the State Council, who delivered a speech at the 2013 China paper industry forum for sustainable development)

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