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Tan Xuguang: the whole society pays attention to pollution

Tan Xuguang, deputy to the National People's Congress, chairman of Shandong heavy industry group and chairman of Weichai group, visited Xinhua 2018 national two sessions on the 5th. Tan Xuguang said that the whole society is concerned about the problem of pollution and should focus on the rectification of diesel freight cars

the following is the main content of the interview:

Xinhua: now confirm the size of each template and part. The government work report of the year points out that it is necessary to speed up the construction of a manufacturing power and a quality revolution made in China. How do you understand the quality revolution in manufacturing? What deployment has Weichai made or will it make

Tan Xuguang: for the whole country, enterprises should be the main body to reflect the transformation to high quality. The main body of enterprises' transformation to high quality is products. Weichai has done a lot of practice in product quality in recent years

first, system construction. Product quality is not controlled, but transformed into products through the effective operation of the system. Second, our standards. We should make our products meet world standards. Third, in terms of quality innovation, we should constantly adapt to the higher requirements of consumers. When our enterprises reach the international first-class level, I believe our country will also enter a modern power

Xinhua: your two proposals this year, one is about accelerating the implementation of the road "national six" stage emission standards; One is about accelerating the implementation of the four-stage emission standard for non road machinery, which can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials. What aspects are the two proposals based on

tanxuguang: the whole society pays attention to the problem of pollution. This year's government work report pointed out the need to focus on the rectification of diesel freight cars. I think the premier is very right to put forward this request. Weichai has been committed to promoting emission upgrading for so many years. As we all know, Weichai started as a diesel economy. After ten consecutive years of investment, now our products have been fully prepared for the "national six" products. For some cities with serious pollution, we should take the lead in implementing the road freight vehicle standard of "national six" emission. If there are difficulties in implementation, we can give some policy support to some enterprises that can take the lead in implementation, so as to speed up the implementation

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