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In the trend of thought of launching the enterprise API publishing platform

Internet +, resource integration has become the preferred path for enterprises to grow rapidly. The ability to integrate any available resources on the Internet will give enterprises a huge cost advantage. The ability to open enterprise business content to the Internet will give enterprises the sales advantage of obtaining a huge potential customer group. The integration of resources relying on the Internet requires the support of enterprise information systems, which means that business applications can be quickly deployed to the Internet and realize the docking of each other, so as to realize the integration of data level and even transaction level

of course, the business demands of resource integration in the context of Internet + have posed unprecedented challenges to the enterprise information department. This appeal goes beyond the traditional responsibility of the information department, because it needs to integrate API interfaces into its own business applications. Traditional business development frameworks, such as SOA, are not oriented towards the innovative business model of interconnection + and are characterized by internal rather than external. Rewriting business applications or even overturning the existing business application development framework is an unbearable task, and it does not conform to the efficiency and flexibility of interconnection + emphasis. How to give existing business applications the ability to integrate available resources on the Internet and transform themselves into available resources on the Internet is a great challenge for enterprise businesses in the process of moving towards Internet +

the DAAS solution launched by Dexun technology can automatically generate API interfaces for business applications and become an enterprise API publishing platform. The generation process of API interface has nothing to do with the system architecture and program code of business applications, and users can define API interface specifications. DAAS solution has greatly reduced the development cost and time cost of inter enterprise business system docking. This is because the DAAS solution has two major technical characteristics: first, DAAS can automatically generate API interfaces based on the existing clients of business applications, and the API generation process has nothing to do with the architecture or code of business applications. Second, the API interfaces generated by DAAS are published in the form of microservices and run independently of business applications, without changing the existing operation mode of business applications. Therefore, the DAAS solution can not only be used to publish API interfaces of our own applications, but also be used to convert other business clients into API interfaces

use a real case to illustrate the application scenarios and achievements of dexent DAAS solution. A power company has established an e-procurement platform, which includes the functions of inquiry for purchased goods, supplier selection, purchase order generation, payment allocation and so on. In 2016, the procurement department of the power company decided to include Internet e-commerce into the scope of qualified suppliers to reduce material procurement costs, and required the IT department to transform the e-procurement platform to connect with the e-commerce sales platform. This business demand has brought great pressure to it departments, because e-commerce platforms often only provide customer-oriented clients, and do not have a business oriented API interface for inquiry, ordering, and settlement of goods. Integrating the browser client or app client of e-commerce into the e-procurement platform has almost become an impossible task

Dexun technology recommended the enterprise API publishing platform DAAS solution to its customers. By automatically learning the browser client of e-commerce, API interfaces such as commodity inquiry, commodity order and payment for goods are generated respectively. The data format and call mode of these API interfaces fully meet the interface specifications defined by the e-procurement platform of the power company. All API interfaces are provided by an independent microservice platform for glass. This micro service platform can be extended on demand, that is, it can provide richer API interfaces or provide API services to more business applications in the future. Within one month, Dexun technology completed the generation of many e-commerce API interfaces and the construction of a unified micro service platform, and assisted the IT department in completing the update of the e-procurement platform, effectively meeting the business needs of the procurement department to integrate e-commerce sources

about datcent

dexent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as dexent Technology), formerly known as Shanghai dexent, was founded in 2005. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on data centers and providing IT infrastructure operation and management solutions, products and services. Unpublished report at the 2009 spinal shaping Association Conference

as a well-known national brand in the field of it facility operation and management in data centers, Dexun technology improves it management methods with technology and innovation, and is committed to improving users' it operation and management capabilities. So far, Dexun technology has successfully developed dozens of software and hardware products, has applied for more than 60 invention patents and software works, and can be suspended by releasing the button. Many products and technologies have won honorary awards such as Jiangsu excellent software product award, China excellent software product award, Nanjing Science and Technology Progress Award, Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award and the second prize of national science and technology progress award, and have successfully won awards for telecom operators, finance, energy, government More than 2000 industry users such as enterprises and institutions provide system solutions and services

Dexun technology has an operation management center and R & D center in Nanjing, a marketing service center in Beijing, and service agencies in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Jinan, Hohhot, Xi'an and other large and medium-sized cities. The company has a top professional service team in the industry, and has established strategic partnerships with dozens of manufacturers such as IBM, brocade, Dell software, CA software, Oracle, HP, AsiaInfo, Hillstone, array networks, etc., to provide users with all-round high-quality IT consulting and services that are appropriately adjusted for the particularity of products at any time

Dexun technology adheres to the responsibility of realizing customer needs, adheres to the attitude and concept of integrity, creation, and sharing, and based on the forefront of the industry, constantly explores new ways of IT management, continues to innovate, and always leads the new direction of the development of IT infrastructure operation and management in the data center

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