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Tan Xuguang visited Weichai's old generation of scientific and technological experts

Chen Lao was the deputy chief designer of Weichai in the 1980s and presided over the design of 8v160 tank engine (the most advanced tank engine at that time). Chen Lixin, the son of old Chen, was a technical staff sent by Weichai to Bangladesh in the 1990s. He died in an accident on duty and was posthumously awarded as a meritorious hero of Weichai

Tan Xuguang visited Weichai's older generation of scientific and technological experts

after learning that Chen Lao was hospitalized, Tan Xuguang made important instructions at the first time, arranged personnel to help solve the difficulties, and made a special visit today. Tan Xuguang said, "Chen has helped the material testing machine to upgrade all his life to meet the requirements of national standards, and his family's contribution to Weichai. I must check the equipment Zero. If the swing rod does not stop at the middle position, the parts will never forget."

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