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Chinatelecom launched three screen interactive video service

on November 10, following the network and terminal, Chinatelecom also stepped up the pace of 3G content service. On September 9, Chinatelecom Shanghai video base released its first product "yishitong", which can realize the interaction of video content on PC, and TV terminals. In terms of telecommunications, it has also invested 100million upstream and downstream to establish a joint venture to operate the product. However, the service requires that user terminal products must adopt the flash connect standard, and the lack of terminals may become one of the obstacles to the promotion of the service

at the beginning of this year, Chinatelecom planned to establish six content bases nationwide to cultivate killer applications in the 3G era. These six bases are located in five provinces and cities, including love music base in Guangdong, game and IOT base in Jiangsu, Tianyi video base in shang5 and Jianhai, reading base in Zhejiang and software supermarket base in Sichuan

after the launch of Tianyi space software store, love game, Tianyi reading and other businesses, Tianyi video base in Shanghai also officially released its first product "yishitong" yesterday. The product focuses on the concept of "three integration", which allows consumers to smoothly switch when watching videos between PC, TV and TV screens as long as they put the spring into the test panel. For example, when watching a movie at home, users can switch to the screen on the way out, and then switch to the computer screen after going to the office

however, in order to realize the switching of video content between different screens, it involves a huge upstream and downstream industrial chain, including PC, TV and other terminal manufacturers, unified communication protocol makers, unified communication platform providers, content providers and basic communication service providers

representatives of Lenovo, Skyworth, ZTE, flashlink, Juhui Electronics (whose main business is smart home), telecommunications and other parties appeared at the press conference of the product

as the provider of unified communication platform, Juhui company took the lead to jointly establish a joint venture company with flash connect, telecom and local government to specifically operate "yishitong" products. Wang Jiong, general manager of Juhui electronics, told Yi technology that the initial investment of the joint venture was about 100million yuan, "the final investment scale is still under discussion."

the establishment of a joint venture is mainly to better integrate resources upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. In the three screen interactive business, Juhui provides a unified communication platform, and flash connect formulates standards. On the one hand, telecom plays the role of basic communication service provider, on the other hand, it is also a content provider. According to reports, Chinatelecom, in cooperation with CCTV, SMG, people's government, Xinhua news agency and other units that have obtained the audio-visual program transmission license of information network communication, can provide 32 live channels and 17 return channels as of September this year, with a total of 50000 hours of on-demand programs. Since its establishment in November 2009, the number of login users of Tianyi video () has exceeded 8million, and the average daily use of streaming media has increased by 654% over the beginning of this year

according to sunyuning, President of flash link information technology Engineering Center Co., Ltd. and director of flash link National Engineering Laboratory, there are about 20 kinds of terminals using flash link standards at present, with a total sales volume of about 17 million units. Therefore, the lack of terminals may become one of the obstacles for Telecom to promote this service. However, flashlink also regards this cooperation with Telecom as a testing material and an opportunity to promote the standard of flashlink. Juhui's Wang Jiong explained, "the standard of flash connect is open, and the terminal can choose to independently achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development." Easy technology

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