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Tencent cloud helped Bank of China launch the new generation of intelligent customer service system

the new generation of intelligent customer service system of Bank of China has been launched nationwide and is providing users with zero contact financial services. It is reported that this system provides two functional modules: intelligent robot and intelligent outbound call. By applying the latest technological achievements of Tencent cloud artificial intelligence, it can significantly improve the intelligent service ability, provide more efficient technical support for BOC customer service and outbound call work, and help BOC's total digital investment in personal finance business reach 10.75 million yuan

in the past, customer service and marketing outbound calls of enterprises and institutions, including banks, were completed manually, with relatively high cost and low efficiency. And the two true screws of the gauge rod should not be removed. The manual mode is affected by human ability, mood and other factors, which is more uncontrollable. In recent years, many enterprises and organizations have tried to introduce intelligent customer service. However, affected by factors such as cumbersome system procedures and difficult to understand complex scenes, the effective application rate of some intelligent customer service is not high

the personal digital Finance Department of Bank of China takes the lead in building a new generation of intelligent customer service system. The starting point is to improve the intelligent ability of information understanding and processing through the application of the latest artificial intelligence technology, so as to solve the pain points of low customer service efficiency and high cost

the accuracy of robot question answering is more than 90%

in terms of intelligent services, intelligent robots are equipped with Tencent cloud's powerful intelligent question answering engine, including task-based robots, chat robots, and multi round question answering and context rhetorical mechanisms based on graph structure. In addition, in addition to the traditional text interaction function, the system also adds functions such as pictures, expressions, voice input, link jump and so on, which can deal with the diversified expressions of customers and realize self-help question and answer

at present, this customer service system has been connected to Bank of China portal, bank, microbank, credit card official account, colorful life, personal bank, corporate bank, transaction bank and other channels, effectively increasing the contact and efficiency of services. Since the external service, the accuracy rate of intelligent robot question and answer has reached more than 90%. It can respond to customer needs 24 hours a day, 7 hours a day, save customer waiting time, and provide efficient and convenient user service experience. At the same time, thanks to the robot's processing rate of more than 85%, seat manpower can be invested in more professional and high-value work. In addition, the knowledge base system based on knowledge map technology also greatly reduces the operation and maintenance cost

outbound call system achieves 9% marketing transformation

in outbound call marketing, Tencent cloud provides a flexible process control engine, which can help the system accurately identify customer intentions, replace manual completion of outbound call tasks such as notification, reminder and return visit, and further data mining and follow-up services according to the results. At present, the intelligent outbound call system has been put into use in more than 20 branches of the Bank of China, supporting up to 6 rounds of customer dialogue and achieving 9% marketing transformation. In Hubei and other areas where the epidemic situation is serious and flexdc* digital control performance is strengthened, the system plays an important role in epidemic care, rights and interests notification, etc. for the key customer groups of Bank of China

at present, fintech is accelerating the reconstruction of the banking ecosystem and promoting the deep integration of technology and finance. As a major application of financial technology in the development of financial business, intelligent customer service is constantly improving its strategic value, channel value, service value, data value and brand value

the promotion and application of the new generation of intelligent customer service system of Bank of China represents that bank of China has taken a solid step in the digital transformation of personal financial business. In the future, the new generation of intelligent customer service system of Bank of China will realize more functions to serve the digital construction of Bank of China. Bank of China official said

in fact, the new generation of intelligent customer service system of Bank of China is also another major project of Tencent's cooperation with Bank of China. Since the signing of the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in September 2017, the two sides have conducted in-depth cooperation in cloud computing, big data, intelligent risk control, mobile collaborative office and other financial technology fields, with remarkable results

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