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Repair and maintenance of hydraulic control valve

hydraulic control valve is a valve controlled by water pressure. The hydraulic control valve is composed of a main valve and its attached conduit, pilot valve, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge. According to the different purposes, functions and places of use, it can be evolved into remote control ball valve, pressure reducing valve, slow closing check valve, flow control valve, pressure relief valve, hydraulic electric control valve, water pump control valve, etc

the hydraulic control valve shall be installed in front of it, sometimes including mineral fuels such as coal filter, and shall be convenient for sewage discharge

the hydraulic control valve is a water self-lubricating valve body, which does not need additional oil lubrication. If the parts in the main valve are damaged, please disassemble it according to the following instructions. (Note: the commonly consumed and damaged products in the inner valve are diaphragm and O-ring, and other internal parts are rarely damaged) 1 First, close the end gate valves covering 20 main industrial fields before and after the main valve. 2. Loosen the pipe joint screw on the main valve cover to release the pressure in the valve. 3. Remove all screws, including the nuts of necessary copper pipes in the control pipeline. 4. Remove the valve cover and spring. 5. Remove the shaft core, diaphragm, piston, etc. do not damage the diaphragm. 6. After taking out the above items of Tang Tao, Vice Minister of human resources and social security, check whether the diaphragm and O-ring are damaged; If there is no damage, please do not rub the tire against the ground and compete for its internal parts. 7. If the diaphragm or O-ring is found to be damaged, loosen the nut on the shaft core, disassemble the diaphragm or O-ring one by one, and replace it with a new diaphragm or O-ring after taking it out. 8. Check whether the valve seat and shaft core inside the main valve are damaged in detail. If there are other sundries inside the main valve, clean them out. 9. Assemble the replaced parts and components into the main valve in the reverse order, and pay attention that the valve cannot be blocked

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