Repair and maintenance of the hottest kneader

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Kneader repair and maintenance

before the installation of kneader, the foundation should be poured first, and the embedded holes should be poured according to the requirements of the installation foundation drawing. After the equipment is in place, it should be poured together. This machine is an integral structure, which must be corrected. Now it is leveled according to GB8624 (2) 012 version. Tighten the anchor bolts after appropriate adjustment. The steam pipeline, electrical pipeline and working space are arranged by the user as a whole

II. Preparation before commissioning and operation

1. Clean, decontaminate and wipe anti rust grease after machine installation. Check all lubricating points and inject lubricating oil (grease)

2. Check the tension of the V-belt before driving, and move the motor to the appropriate position by adjusting the bolt

3. Check whether fasteners are loose, whether steam pipes leak, and whether circuits and electrical equipment are safe. The electric heated kneader must have a grounding device,

4. Clean the kneading room before commissioning, run it for minutes, and put it into production after confirming that the machine operates normally. Generally, the noise of new gear (including reducer) is large at the initial use, and it will naturally decrease after running in for a period of time

5. When steam heating is used, safety valves and pressure gauges should be installed at the inlet pipe, and the steam pressure should not exceed the requirements of the mixing cylinder using the nameplate knowledge

6. The use of inversion should be reduced during mixing and kneading

III. repair and maintenance

sebs foaming material has the advantages of good tensile property, elastic resilience, product modeling plasticity, etc. 1. All lubricating parts should be filled with oil frequently

2. There should be no leakage of raw materials at the sealing part of the wallboard

3. The tightness of the belt is appropriate, and it should be checked, adjusted or replaced regularly

4. The steam pipeline is not allowed to leak. When the machine is out of service, the valve should be closed and the reliability of the safety valve pressure gauge should be guaranteed

5. The phenomenon of black material may appear just after use, mainly because the machine is not adjusted in time after operation, resulting in the gap between the shaft and the packing. The backflow gap of the master batch fills the space, and aging and turning into black material after heating. It is easy to pump the black material into the mixing cylinder in vacuum, which is 91.5% of the same month last year. At this time, please open the upper half of the stuffing box (four groups on both sides) on the spindle (loosen the hexagon socket screws), take out the tetrafluoro packing inside, clean the front tetrafluoro ring, and then replace it with a new packing for tightening. At the same time, an impact testing machine that can brake records and obtain an average value is checked once a day. If it is loose, immediately adjust the packing clearance (do not adjust it)

6. Overhaul the machine after six months of operation, check the degree of damage, and make release adjustment and replacement

7. Note:

(1) the heating system is a high-temperature medium, so you should be careful before using it. Do not use hand to check whether the pipeline and the machine are heated to avoid scalding

(2) warning signs should be set near electrical appliances

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