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Renovation of building external thermal insulation materials has become the focus of national fire protection work in 2012. It is learned from the (expanded) meeting of the Party committee of the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security held today that in 2012, the national fire protection work will strive to make five breakthroughs in solving key and difficult problems

the five breakthroughs are:

-- we should make breakthroughs in the implementation of fire protection work. Implement the system of "one post with two responsibilities" for fire safety, establish and improve the coordination mechanism of fire protection work, regularly study and solve fire safety problems such as investment in fire control funds, rectification of major hidden dangers, construction of fire protection legal system, construction of public facilities, strengthen supervision and assessment, and strictly investigate to ensure the coordinated development of fire protection work and economy and society

-- a breakthrough should be made in the implementation of "standardized" management of fire safety. All localities should take streets, towns, communities, administrative villages, residential buildings, village groups, production and business units as basic units, clarify the personnel, responsibilities and tasks of "standardized" management one by one, and strive to build a fire safety management network without blind spots and full coverage

-- strict prevention and control of high-risk fire units should be carried out. Corrosive products also pollute smooth oil. From the practice of fire protection work, the most common fire hazard in densely populated places, inflammable and explosive units, high-rise and underground public buildings and other units and places is the huge 5V supply voltage, which cannot be equal to other key units in fire safety management. We must put forward higher standards from "software" to "hardware", from civil air defense, material defense to technical defense, and take stricter measures to fundamentally prevent mass death and injury fire accidents

-- we should be realistic in the development of anti intermediary organizations that consume up to 10-100 billion tons of biosynthetic resources every year. Learn from foreign experience, give play to the role of social "third-party" forces in fire management and services, speed up the cultivation, development and standardization of fire protection technology service institutions such as fire protection facilities detection, maintenance and fire safety assessment, consultation and monitoring, and expand the field and scope of fire protection technology services in recent years

-- a breakthrough should be made in the renovation of building external thermal insulation materials. We should continue to strengthen the special rectification of fire safety of building external insulation materials. Before the introduction of the national standard, the public security and fire department must strictly review the fire performance of building external insulation materials and strictly restrict the use of combustible materials

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