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Repair methods of keyway at the construction site

there are many cases of damage to keys and keyways at the construction site. There are generally two methods to repair keyways: ordinary welding repair or re slotting. Due to the limited conditions on the construction site, there are few milling machines and planing machines, and the current weak market demand of Venezuela has not been improved. It is too troublesome to carry out external processing, so we have to use small flat shovels, files and other forms of grinding. For the large keyway, it can be piled on the edge of the keyway first. This factory is a professional factory in the field of blow molding, and then it can be shaped by grinding; For the small keyway, we have to carry out full groove surfacing and then re slotting. For some small keyways (such as the small keyway on the rotor shaft of small motor), it is not allowed to weld more, because the internal stress is easy to deform and bend the weldment. This paper introduces a convenient and easy-to-operate repair method, that is, it does not need to re slot, and it can minimize welding, so as to minimize the weld, and at the same time, it can avoid its bending deformation

1. Grind the old carbon brush into a slightly smaller shape than the original key, and put it into the keyway with smooth bottom to be repaired

slic3r and makerbot slicing software created the CAD model of culture scaffold 2 Adopt DC welding machine and increase the current

3. J422 welding rod is used for the keyway of steel parts, and j506 or J507 welding rod is used for the keyway of cast iron parts

4. Using continuous welding, the redder the carbon brush, the better, the faster, and avoid slag inclusion

after it is slightly cold, knock off the welding slag and remove the carbon brush. At this time, the keyway has been formed and the effect is very good, but sometimes it needs to be slightly polished

then start the experiment

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