Analysis of modern packaging design

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Analysis of modern packaging design

everything is contradictory. Without contradiction, new things cannot be produced, and our society will not develop. It seems that some things seem simple, but the process is not simple

if you are engaged in product design, and you love your career so much, then you must also be in such a contradiction. Every designer must have experienced such a first time, that is, the first time he saw his designed products on the shelves in the store. The joy and excitement in his heart must be indescribable and unforgettable. In this way, many designers are dedicated to their years in their favorite positions

designers often belong to a relatively simple and very emotional person. If they like their profession very much, they must be very serious. When they are really immersed in the design of works, they will be very selfless and happy. They will sit in front of their desks and computer screens day and night regardless of time and place, intoxicated and complacent about having a new idea; I feel painful and unwilling to find a good entry point; It's like a tense and exciting battle, like a competition. This persistence will make you have many creative ideas that are different, and your design works often stand out. Here are some ideas about the product packaging design work that has been engaged in the enterprise for a long time, especially the design situation in recent years: first of all, I think that different selection standards have different standards for judging the advantages and disadvantages of design works. In the design based on the premise of business, overly advanced visual language cannot become the mainstream element. For a commercial design work, the primary task is to complete the commercial appeal. The quality of a design work depends on whether the designer's judgment on the product is accurate and whether it can help the product realize appreciation. Design first is to solve problems. From style to means, we must adapt to the requirements of objects and reflect the characteristics of objects. Take the design of our company's six gods shower gel series products with resonance principle this year as an example: before the design, we should fully understand the brand, its history, its consumer groups, the test of its welding chain experimental force: its product line, as well as its new platform, concept, which new varieties are ready to expand, and timely and fully communicate with brand personnel. With such preparation, you can calmly start the crime work (collect similar products of competitive brands, collect graphic materials and finished products with better design in the market)

as a link in business behavior, designers should understand the material characteristics of the object in the process of design, taking into account the production cost, operability and other factors. If the process of design is also a kind of creation, this kind of creation needs many things and is subject to many restrictions, and can't be unrestrained like artists. But a good designer should seek development in the existing technology. 2. Put the experimental crushed stones and steel balls into the cylinder for technology. Be brave in innovation, set up a new height, make a breakthrough in the existing products, and try to give people a refreshing and distinctive feeling

when designing sketches, designers often have inspiration. At that time, they must discuss with the engineers in the structure room to discuss its feasibility, take full account of the existing problems, and see if there is room for modification, which will affect the original intention of the design. The new six gods shower gel bottle shape I designed came into being under such circumstances, and its biggest advantage is that it fully embodies the new platform of six gods on the bottle cap, That is "experience freshness", which has become a highlight. And the confirmation process was very smooth, which won the unanimous recognition of the upper and lower levels of the company

it is a very simple and happy thing to simply go from design to design, but the past is contrary to our wishes, and the things produced in this process will become very complex and difficult. Looking back, this step by step, it is such a difficult heating foaming process. Because it is easy and difficult in time, sometimes it is fulfilling the popular saying "happy and painful". There are many human factors, institutional factors and so on. Fortunately, our team is a great collective - unity, seriousness, selflessness and dedication. In a few short months, in order to catch up, we worked overtime. In order to achieve good results, we repeatedly considered and discussed. From supermarkets and stores in this city to stores and hypermarkets in southern cities, we purchased a large number of products, analyzed and studied the shape and color of bottles; From the suburbs to other places, visit the cooperative units (mold factory, spray pump factory, color mold factory, printing factory) again and again to adjust the mold, color matching of the bottle cap, printing samples of the trademark, etc., and do everything in person. The purpose is to make the designed products as perfect as possible

every time I go to the scene to see the product gradually return to the design, my heart is filled with endless taste, joy, satisfaction,... I feel more relaxed

as a senior designer, it is not enough to complete a design work alone. Naturally, he will fall into a kind of thinking, from which he will feel something other than design. From my own design experience, I deeply realize that modern packaging design is a design discipline based on culture, based on life and guided by modernity. It can be divided into three levels:

first, it mainly refers to the material carrier containing the elements of design culture, which has the characteristics of materiality, foundation and variability. Such as packaging design departments and packaging design products, places for commodity exchange, and consumer behavior in the use of packaging products

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