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2000 kW power generation equipment rental

Article Guide: I believe you are not unfamiliar with 2000 kW power generation equipment rental. Next, let's introduce it! 1. Non synchronous paralleling of Wuhan generators: when Wuhan generators are paralleled by quasi synchronous method, they should meet the three conditions of identical voltage, frequency and phase. On the contrary, it will lead to the failure of paralleling. If these three conditions are not met during paralleling due to improper operation or other reasons, let's come together to "test" Wuhan generators. It will be non synchronous paralleling. Rental of power generation equipment. It may damage Wuhan generator and cause strong impact on the system. Therefore, attention should be paid to prevent the occurrence of such faults. When the voltage of the generator to be connected is different from that of the system, there is a voltage difference between them, and a certain impulse current will be generated when they are in parallel. Generally, when the voltage difference is within ± 10%, the impulse current is not too large, and there is no danger to Wuhan generator

rental of power generation equipment. 14. Wuhan generator oscillates. Cause: 1) caused by system failure. 2) Caused by loss of excitation or under excitation of Wuhan generator. 3) Personnel misoperation. Phenomenon: 1) the stator ammeter swings back and forth, and the current usually exceeds the rated loading speed of the soil to be maintained.. 2) The pointer of the stator voltmeter swings violently, and the voltage guidance is usually shortened. 3) The pointer of active and reactive meters swings violently. 4) Wuhan generator produces rhythmic sound, which is combined with meter swing. 5) If Wuhan generator and system oscillate synchronously, Wuhan generator meter and system meter oscillate equally. Rental of power generation equipment. The symmetry of the magnetic circuit of Wuhan generator is destroyed, which will cause severe vibration of Wuhan generator. At this time, the salient pole Wuhan generator is more significant. When the rotor coil is short circuited, the excitation current greatly exceeds the rated value. If the machine is not shut down in time and the excitation circuit is cut off, the rotor winding will be burned.. In order to prevent the rotor winding of Wuhan generator from grounding, the personnel on duty of each shift are required to measure the insulation resistance of the primary excitation circuit through the insulation monitoring meter during operation. If the insulation resistance is lower than 0.5m ω When, the personnel on duty must take measures

2000 kW power generation equipment rental. When the three-phase load imbalance of Wuhan generator exceeds the allowable value, the rotor temperature will also increase. At this time, the load should be reduced immediately, and try to adjust the system to reduce the imbalance of the three-phase load, so that the rotor temperature can be reduced to the allowable range. Rental of power generation equipment. 2. The rotor temperature and inlet air temperature are normal, while the stator temperature rises abnormally, which may be due to the failure of the stator thermometer. Sometimes the resistance value of the resistance temperature measuring element used to measure the stator temperature will gradually increase during operation, or even open circuit. At this time, there will be a sudden rise in temperature at a certain point. Rental of power generation equipment

7) the collector ring insulation is broken down. 8) Stator and rotor windings are open circuit, short circuit or grounded. Wuhan generator reverse power guard is also called power direction guard. Generally speaking, the power direction of Wuhan generator should be from Wuhan generator to bus. However, when Wuhan generator loses excitation or for some other reason, Wuhan generator may turn into motor operation on December 4, 2015, that is, absorb active power from the system. Rental of power generation equipment. This is the reverse power. When the reverse power reaches the necessary value, the guard action of Wuhan generator is either to send signals or to trip. 01. General notes: the steam turbine generator in parallel operation will operate as a synchronous motor after the main throttle valve of the steam turbine is closed: absorb active power and drag the steam turbine to change, which can send reactive power to the system

2000 kW power generation equipment. The three-phase load should be adjusted to keep the current of each phase as balanced as possible. (3) The air duct is blocked by dust, and the ventilation is poor, which makes it difficult for Wuhan generator to dissipate heat. Dust and oil dirt should be removed from the air duct to make the air duct unobstructed. Rental of power generation equipment. (4) The air inlet temperature is too high or the water inlet temperature is too high, and the cooler is blocked. Reduce the inlet air or water temperature and remove the blockage in the cooler. In addition, before the fault is eliminated, the load of Wuhan generator should be limited to reduce the temperature of Wuhan generator. Rental of 2000 kW power generation equipment

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