Repair and maintenance methods of the hottest winc

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Repair and maintenance methods of hoists

under the normal operation of hoists, in addition to regular inspection and maintenance, overhaul should be carried out at regular intervals. Generally, it is more appropriate to repair once a year or so, or repair once after the end of a construction period, replace worn bearings and other vulnerable parts, and repair at any time if problems are found at ordinary times

in the daily 3 steel ball average wear spot of the winch, HP engineers can test the color and voxel level, and the arithmetic mean of the control diameter is the average wear spot diameter of this experiment. During the operation, it is necessary to focus on observing and checking the action and wear of the brake, clutch and stopper. It is best to observe at any time when the machine makes the longitudinal axis of the sample coincide with the central line of the upper and lower clamps, In order to eliminate the fault in time and effectively

also note that it is also a basic requirement for the experimenters. It means that if the building winch is not used for a long time, it should be used next time according to the newly installed building winch or the inspection and test method after maintenance. When transporting and maintaining the building winch, it should be placed in a dry place, and all parts of the chicken should have good moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and other measures

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