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Soken Heping and its hpvfc inverter shine at BMW Shanghai 2012

soken Heping's self-developed special inverter for lifting hpvfc inverter participated in BMW Shanghai 2012

this product has vector closed-loop control, low-frequency torque output up to 150%, and is designed with synchronous card options, communication and other functions, so it can meet the requirements without more electrical design when used in rotary tilting furnace

hpvfc vector converter has the functions of low-frequency torque output, synchronous master-slave design, multi-channel analog signal output, and multiple control modes. It can be applied to a variety of variable torque occasions and equipment with complex torque changes. For example: winch, crane, converter, crusher, ball mill and other applications requiring full torque output during low-frequency operation. When the torque changes greatly and the braking torque is complex, the hpvfq four quadrant frequency converter produced by our company can be used, which can greatly simplify the electrical control requirements and have a good energy-saving effect

according to the digital analysis of the survey report of the mechanical and electrical products market magazine, the market capacity of China's inverter is predicted to be 19 billion in the medium and low voltage market and 16 billion in the low voltage market in 2012. Among them, the consumption of frequency converters under complex working conditions such as steel, hoisting, elevator and coal accounts for 70% of the total share. And 50% of the market share of these high-end products is monopolized by a limited number of foreign imported brands (for example, abb and Siemens should gently wipe the peeling of the test surface due to bleeding with a warm cloth, Yaskawa, etc. before writing). Our company's hpvfv, hpvfc, hpvfq, including HP explosion-proof frequency converters, have proved through practice that they can completely replace similar imported brands, and the market share will increase year by year. At the same time, we will establish a situation of direct competition between national brands and international brands

facing the market with high engineering technical requirements, the company should constantly study new technologies to improve the performance and quality of HP series inverter. The goal of the enterprise is to replace foreign imported products with national high-tech brand products. Avoid the market competition of general-purpose frequency conversion of other domestic enterprises, and enter three major markets respectively: Engineering multi-function frequency conversion market, mining frequency conversion market, and lifting special frequency conversion market. In addition, our company also provides a new choice for the zero pollution sustainable development strategy, and provides high-quality national frequency conversion products for the market in other high-end inverter application fields, which are continuously and widely used in the manufacturing of flexible transparent conductive high molecular films, so as to revitalize the national brand

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