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"Sunypcc500e integrated controller" passed the provincial appraisal

although it was a cold winter, the meeting room of Zhejiang University zhongzi company was warm. On the afternoon of January 29, 2005, in the conference room on the 8th floor of the science and trade building, Zhejiang University zhongzi company held the "sunytech series new product technology appraisal meeting". The expert group of this appraisal meeting is composed of seven experts, including Wang Zhisheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, shaohuihe, Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xue Anke, President of Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology, and Yu Jinshou, Professor of East China Lidong University. The appraisal meeting was hosted by Zhejiang University entrusted by the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province. In the 1930s, the appraisal committee listened to the work reports, technical reports, inspection reports, user reports, economic benefit reports and scientific and technological novelty search reports made by the relevant technicians of Zhejiang University zhongzi company and the Institute of modern control theory and control engineering of Zhejiang University, and consulted the relevant product standards, product drawings, process documents, manufacturing licenses of measuring instruments, etc. After careful discussion, it was agreed that the overall technology of "sunypcc500e integrated controller" reached the international advanced level and passed the provincial product appraisal

sunypcc500e integrated controller is based on intelligent and digital design ideas, and adopts modular flexible electrical sudden failure meter to realize the integration of process control, logic control and sequence control. It has the characteristics of high reliability, good scalability, powerful function, friendly interface, simple maintenance and so on

sunypcc500e integrated controller has the following innovations:

1 Realize local and remote monitoring and control, as well as the configuration of process screen and control algorithm

2. Using the industrial control programming language IEC programming system with independent intellectual property rights, the programming of LD, STL, SFC, IL and FBD is realized, and the control algorithm set is expanded to support advanced control, process optimization and soft sensing algorithms

3. The power supply template can be configured redundantly, and the overall efficiency is ≥ 88%; Support general input, and the accuracy can reach ± 0.1%. The analog quantity control cycle can reach 100ms, and the digital quantity control cycle can reach 5ms without manual participation

the integrated controller has been tested by Zhejiang Institute of quality and technical supervision, and its indicators meet the standard of qj/ztz "charging time system of distributed control system". After being used by many users, it has been well reflected and has significant economic and social benefits

the appraisal committee believes that the overall technology of the project has reached the international advanced level, and unanimously agreed to pass the provincial appraisal

it is suggested to further strengthen the promotion and application in supporting industries and supporting equipment, and expand market influence

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