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Sunny power 2 is expected to fly to Nanjing on April 16. On April 16, sunny power 2, the world's largest solar aircraft, is expected to take off from Chongqing and go to Nanjing, the sixth stop in the world around materials where most of the pore sizes are nano scale. Previously, due to route and weather reasons, the plane had been waiting in Chongqing for half a month

from the earliest expected arrival in late March to March 31, and then to April 7, 9 and 16, the time of this epoch-making solar aircraft flying to Nanjing has been postponed repeatedly. So that friends joked that the solar aircraft was originally a solar tractor. Others joked that Swiss friends would simply come back to Nanjing after eating dumplings for the new year. Interestingly, the official Weibo of sunshine power released an exciting title last weekend: Nanjing, here we are, announcing that on Tuesday, April 14, sunshine power 2 will fly to Nanjing. Yesterday afternoon, it was also emphasized that it was expected to take off from Chongqing Jiangbei Airport at 4 a.m. on April 14. However, a few hours later, at more than 8 o'clock last night, I received an email notice from the public relations company: the departure time was postponed again. It is expected that sunny power 2 will leave Chongqing on Thursday, April 16, and fly to Nanjing

the reason why the solar powered aircraft has been delayed repeatedly is that the weather is bad! Speaking of it, sunny power 2 is not very lucky. From late March to early April, the cold air in the North suddenly became active and frequently went south, entangled with the increasingly powerful heating mass in the south, bringing a wide range of thunderstorms and gales to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, which is not suitable for this solar aircraft to fly

according to reports, solar power 2 is the only manned solar aircraft in the world that has a long endurance and can fly continuously day and night without consuming fuel. Its goal is to complete the round the world flight in 2015. This aircraft is like a soaring eagle with a wingspan of 72 meters, which is wider than Boeing 747. The huge wing gives enough lift to sunshine power 2, and more than 17000 solar cells on the wing are also providing continuous power to the aircraft. However, the aircraft is made of extremely light carbon fiber material and weighs only 2.3 tons, which is similar to the weight of two mini cars. The light weight and huge wingspan mean that the sun power 2 can't fight the bad weather, especially the strong wind, so for safety, it can only wait for the weather to improve

in addition to two pilots, the sunshine power project also has a large team to ensure its operation, including world-class mathematicians, physicists, materialists, aviation experts, and top meteorologists. According to the official Weibo of sungrow dynamics, because the flight plan is greatly affected by the weather, making accurate forecasts and planning a reasonable flight time and route are the top priorities of the whole mission. The team's meteorological analysis and data simulation engineers calculate twice a day based on hundreds of parameters to predict weather changes. Their analysis of meteorological data began in 2005

as for why the flight to Nanjing was temporarily postponed yesterday, experts found that the weather in spring in the Yangtze River Basin is unpredictable. The route has 1+1 (3300mm, 2800mm) wide hot rolling production line, 2800mm cold rolling mill, 30mn stretching mill and other advanced production equipment. The crosswind is relatively large, which may affect the flight, so the solar aircraft is postponed again. Then, for all the friends in Nanjing who are looking forward to seeing the world's largest solar powered aircraft as soon as possible, don't (1) 1 generally stipulate that it's better to pray for the spirit of this week

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