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Super light nano materials with super adsorption come out

recently, the Key Laboratory of new ceramic fibers and composite materials at the school of Aerospace Science and engineering of the University of Defense Science and technology of China has successfully developed a kind of portable materials with super adsorption capacity; New ultra light nano materials

according to Li Bin, the main author, this material is composed of one-dimensional boron nitride nanotubes and two-dimensional boron nitride nanoparticles, which will not affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system of the universal material testing machine. The density is only half of that of air and 1/1600 of that of water. The whole material is filled with pores. The research shows that it can selectively adsorb organic matter more than 160 times its self weight. This kind of material is resistant to high temperature. Under the high temperature of 2000 ℃, it can also maintain the integrity of structure and normal use. After adsorbing organic matter, TBS can be repeatedly used by ignition. It has important application prospects in aerospace high temperature thermal protection, toxic chemical adsorption and removal and other fields

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