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Sunshine power assisted the success of the photovoltaic power station of the sewage plant, and

69 metal faced polystyrene sandwich board was paid attention to by the central media! Sungrow power has helped the photovoltaic power station of the largest single sewage treatment plant in China succeed and

recently, the distributed photovoltaic power station of Wangxiaoying sewage treatment plant in Hefei officially started to generate electricity, with an installed capacity of 10.8mwp. It has become the largest single sewage treatment plant photovoltaic power generation project in China, and it is also the first sewage treatment plant photovoltaic project completed and put into operation in Anhui Province, which has been reported by many heavyweight media such as Xinhua and Anhui Satellite TV

the photovoltaic + sewage treatment plant project occupies an area of about 110000 square meters. Rows of photovoltaic modules are arranged above the oxidation ditch and sedimentation tank, which not only makes full use of space resources relying on Lanxi light film town and Ningbo (Jiangbei) film magic power town, but also blocks the sewage tank and inhibits the growth of algae, solving the long-standing environmental protection problems. In addition, after the photovoltaic power station is combined with power generation, it will adopt the mode of "spontaneous self use and surplus power supply", and more than 90% of the electric energy will be consumed locally, which can well meet the large power consumption demand of the sewage treatment plant

inverter is the brain of photovoltaic system, and it is also the core equipment of this project to convert solar energy into electric energy and continuously supply the power demand of sewage plant. It is the sunshine power centralized inverter that integrates the advantages of low system investment cost, high conversion efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance management and so on. According to incomplete calculation, the power station can provide 12million degrees of green and clean electricity every year, and the comprehensive preferential policy of electricity price can save more than 700000 yuan of electricity expenditure every year

as the technical strength of clean power conversion, solar power ISolar smart solar solution has been widely used in industrial and commercial roof power station projects in all walks of life, such as airports, steel, chemicals, automobiles, logistics, stationery, wine, etc. the merger of photovoltaic power stations in Wangxiaoying sewage treatment plant further enriched the application experience of solar power in industrial and commercial roof scenarios

nearly 70 energy enterprises have been shortlisted in the top 500 Chinese enterprises

GCL group has ranked first in the new energy category for three consecutive years

on September 2, the list of "top 500 Chinese enterprises" publicly released by the China Enterprise Federation and the China Entrepreneur Association for the 17th consecutive time was announced in Xi'an today. Nearly 70 energy enterprises represented by Guodian were shortlisted. GCL group ranked first in new energy and photovoltaic industry for three consecutive years, up 5 places to 139 places from the previous year, and firmly ranked 52nd in the manufacturing sub list

when releasing the list, Wang Jiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and specially invited vice president of the China Enterprise Federation, said that on the whole, Chinese enterprises represented by the top 500 actively grasp the new normal of economic development, continue to promote innovation and upgrading, continue to show a steady and positive development trend, and take solid steps in strengthening, optimizing and expanding

in terms of industry, the leading position of energy enterprises among the top 500 Chinese enterprises is stable. Guodian, Sinopec and PetroChina topped the list with revenue of 2.4 trillion yuan, 2.21 trillion yuan and 2.20 trillion yuan respectively. In terms of breakdown, the ranking of photovoltaic enterprises (including those involved) has increased and performed well. GCL group ranked first in the new energy and photovoltaic industry with a revenue of 119 billion yuan in the third year. Excluding the state-owned power enterprises represented by the "five big and four small enterprises", there are also 10 enterprises involved in photovoltaic, including Huawei (16), Gree (121), BYD (155), Jinneng (162), Shandong Dahai (228), Tongwei group (262), Chint Group (275), TBEA (303), ENN energy (331), Zhongtian Technology (350), Jinglong industry (423), etc

from the perspective of ownership, the number of private enterprises in the top 500 Chinese enterprises continues to increase, and the number of private enterprises in the top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2018 has increased to 237, accounting for half of the country's total with state-owned enterprises, and the pattern tends to take shape. The efficiency and benefit indicators of state-owned enterprises have increased and decreased, and the efficiency and benefit indicators of private enterprises have significantly improved. Private enterprises are better than state-owned enterprises in terms of efficiency and benefit as a whole. Within state-owned enterprises, financial central enterprises have a significant advantage in efficiency and benefit, local state-owned enterprises take the lead in per capita operating income and asset profit rate, and non-financial central enterprises have an advantage in asset turnover rate

from the distribution of headquarters, the gap between the first and second tier enterprises has narrowed, and the net increase of enterprises in Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang is the largest. Enterprises in the eastern region have increased continuously, and the Yangtze River Delta has become an important growth cradle of China's top 500 enterprises. The enterprises along the "the Belt and Road" benefited from policy support, and the growth rate of operating income and net profit was faster than that of non enterprises along the "the Belt and Road", and the benefits and efficiency were improved and higher than that of non enterprises along the "the Belt and Road"

2018 China's top 500 enterprises broke through the 30billion yuan mark for the first time, achieving 16 consecutive rises. The operating income of China's top 500 enterprises exceeded the 70 trillion yuan mark for the first time, with an increase of 11.20%, slightly faster than the nominal growth rate of GDP, and the relative proportion to nominal GDP tends to be stable, which is compounded through special processes. The total assets of the top 500 Chinese enterprises continued to grow, but the growth rate continued the downward trend of fluctuations since the financial crisis

in addition, the number of 100 billion club enterprises including GCL continued to expand. In 2018, the number of top 500 Chinese enterprises with 100 billion operating income reached 172, and the number of enterprises with trillion operating income increased to 5. Among them, CSCEC became a trillion level new member of the 100 billion club in 2018, and it is also the first time in recent three years that new enterprises have crossed the threshold of trillion yuan

2018 Chinese enterprise 5 pressure testing machine manufacturer professionals said that the theme of the top 00 Enterprise Summit Forum is "practice high-quality development and strive to become a world-class enterprise". In this regard, zhugongshan, chairman of GCL group, said that China should basically achieve the goal of "beautiful China" by 2035, and accelerating the development of high-quality energy has become one of the most important and urgent tasks. GCL strives to promote the green development of energy, actively cultivate and expand new models and new business forms of energy services, accelerate the transformation of energy development quality, efficiency and power, and strive to become a world-class new energy enterprise

Wang Zhongyu, President of the China Enterprise Federation and the China Entrepreneur Association, pointed out at the summit that continuous promotion of structural optimization and high-level products and services to meet the growing needs of consumers are the basic way for enterprises to improve the quality of development and maintain the Evergreen Foundation. Looking at the world, the new technological revolution represented by the new generation of information technology, new materials and new energy is in the ascendant, resource sharing is more efficient and convenient, the differentiation and reorganization of the traditional business system is more intense, the traditional development mode is unsustainable, the tide of consumption upgrading is unstoppable, and there is a broad space for high-quality development

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