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Discussion on the price of four level safety grating

[China Packaging News] four level refers to a safety level of safety grating, and the safety performance of four level safety grating is also higher. How much is the price of four level safety grating now? Which brand is more cost-effective and worth choosing

the choice of installing safety grating is mainly to improve the safety of machinery use and have a safe working environment, so the choice of safety grating must be cost-effective, which can not only provide good protection, but also the price cannot exceed the budget! Then all products of domestic safety grating Keli string 7 brand have reached safety level 4, and their performance is better than that of other domestic manufacturers! The price of purchasing Cori safety grating is acceptable to most customers. The price of commonly used models is about 2000 yuan. Some customers say that this price is more expensive than others who don't know how to judge the performance of the machine. In fact, the comparison is performance. It is normal for the price of good performance to be expensive. Now there are some phenomena of low price and unstable performance in domestic safety grating, The purchase of such a safety grating is not conducive to the authenticity of the experiment, and it is just a lot of trouble, so choosing a cost-effective one is the most important

the price of Keli brand safety grating is very different between foreign and domestic fixtures, which are much cheaper than imported ones. Many large domestic enterprises use its products, such as Yangli group, Sany Heavy Industry, Midea cygnet, etc. Of course, the specific price of safety grating should be determined according to the selected model. During the purchase process, the detailed needs and requirements should be informed to the seller's customer service, and the specific price can be known only after the model is determined

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