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Preparation and implementation of emergency monitoring of pollution (sudden) accidents - Discussion (4)

due to the increase in the frequency of pollution accidents in recent years, it is urgent to complete the transaction with just one click of the mouse and establish an accident prevention system. As an emergency monitoring department, it is necessary to provide monitoring data in time to provide decision-making basis for decision-making departments. A perfect emergency monitoring mechanism should be established in the accident prevention system. At present, Theoretically, the monitoring method tends to use fast monitoring instruments and large-scale monitoring instruments. However, the economic situation in various regions hinders the implementation of the plan. In addition, customers often ask: how much is your hydrostatic testing machine? This is a problem. The method is to carry out the rapid chemical monitoring method.

the detailed monitoring steps are stipulated in the system, and the simplest rotation mode and organization can ensure the rapid implementation of monitoring.

the accident prevention system should strengthen the accident Simulation Drill of pollution accident sources, reasonably analyze the possible accident types and pollutant categories, refine the classification results according to the drill results, and constantly expand and improve the emergency monitoring plan, Ensure the rapid implementation of emergency monitoring. (Kuang Huacheng) EU member states use 200 plastic bags per capita every year

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