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On January 29, the CTI Forum (ctiforum) reported that the super Century (Beijing) international education institution has officially signed a contract with 800 customers (). The company will fully launch the 800app-crm educational administration and teaching information management system to improve the company's marketing management and teaching management capabilities, Easily realize the summary and analysis of all kinds of data

super Century (Beijing) international education institution is jointly invested and established by experts and scholars from China, the United States and France. The business scope of the company covers education and training, book publishing, educational electronic equipment, teaching and other fields. It is an innovative educational technology company committed to high taste, high technology and internationalization. At the beginning of its establishment, the company has received the attention and support of many venture capital companies at home and abroad. The company strives to build a powerful listed company in the domestic and international education industry within five to fifteen years

super Century (Beijing) International Education Institution Co., Ltd. cooperates with well-known educational institutions and universities at home and abroad, and has strong research and development strength. The company employs a number of well-known education and teaching experts at home and abroad as consultants, and cooperates with domestic and foreign front-line famous teachers to provide super first-class education and teaching services for primary and secondary school students across the country based on Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing

with the increasing number of international education branches of super Century (Beijing), students are attracted by it. Super century urgently needs a set of information management system to help institutions manage education and teaching, reasonably allocate institutional resources, and improve student satisfaction. After careful market research and industry insiders' recommendation, it is understood that super century managers did not hesitate to choose to cooperate with 800 customers, a top enterprise in the domestic SaaS field, to deploy a set of 800app-crm system

as the first manufacturer in China to provide CRM services 800 customers, the 800app-crm system developed by its technical team is a complete customer management system, which has successfully provided more than 200 information solutions for customers in more than 50 sub industries in 12 categories. After analyzing the needs of super Century (Beijing) International Education in detail, 800 customer engineers customized a set of 800app-crm system for it, which integrates the functions of market management, sales management, educational administration management, student management and so on, in order to help super Century (Beijing) International Education operate well

through this set of 800app-crm system, you can record the information of students in detail, integrate the information of potential students and established students, capture students, effectively plan and manage the potential students generated by marketing activities, and help super Century (Beijing) International Education analyze the input and output of marketing activities and select the most effective marketing methods. This bottom guard is made by one-step hot forming process. The concise and clear report of 800app system makes market activities, student status information, material requisition records, student achievements, return visit records, etc. clear at a glance. It can also establish clear file management for each student, and help super Century (Beijing) International Education better realize institutional operation and management

in recent years, the competition in the education and training industry is the competition between the marketing system and the comprehensive strength of teaching management. I believe that with the assistance of 800 customers, super Century (Beijing) International Education will be able to use modern information technology to improve the management level of enterprises, and obtain pride in the increasingly competitive incentives. 4. Breaking judgment: after the sample breaks, the moving beam automatically stops moving; Human performance

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