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Super absorbent polyurethane adhesive road unveiled in Xiamen streets

in recent days, the rainstorm weather in the South has led to weak market prices and flooding on the ground in many cities. It is learned that at the east station of the bus computer system of Xiamen Shuangshi middle school, where one or more data channels need to be converted to a/d, data calculation and waveform display, there is a "water absorption" color road only 60 meters long. Compared with the road paved with asphalt and permeable bricks, this road with stronger water permeability is made of "polyurethane adhesive colored gravel"

it is reported that this is a pilot section specially created by the municipal department. Last year's "May 16" torrential rain caused waterlogging all over the city, and one of the root causes was the hardening of urban roads. Therefore, this kind of water absorption road that is expected to alleviate waterlogging has attracted much attention since its emergence in Xiamen

super absorbent polyurethane adhesive road appears in Xiamen street

polyurethane adhesive pavement "instant absorption"

according to the description of the construction department, this magical color water seepage road has extremely strong water permeability, with a water permeability of up to 90%. Compared with the most common asphalt pavement and permeable brick in Xiamen at present, what is its water permeability? Three bottles of 500ml water were prepared and timed with a meter to conduct on-site PK and test on the water seepage capacity of three different pavement materials

first, pour a bottle of water into the asphalt pavement. In about 1 minute, the water did not immediately penetrate, but remained. A few minutes later, part of the water on the road spread outward, and the other part began to slowly penetrate downward. The whole process lasted for several minutes, and the water on the asphalt road slowly "disappeared"

then pour another bottle of water into the permeable brick next to it. The water gradually seeps downward. Compared with the asphalt pavement, the water permeability of permeable bricks is significantly better. About two minutes, most of the water is sucked dry

pour the third bottle of water into the colored seepage road surface. Once a full bottle of water is poured out, it immediately seeps into it, and the water is completely penetrated on the spot. In the same "water absorption" competition, compared with permeable bricks, the water seepage speed of colored permeable pavement is faster and more thorough

if the sponge sucks up the rain

Ms. Wu, who is waiting for the bus at the east station of the bus station of Shuangshi middle school, noticed such a "magical" phenomenon: the heavy rain has been falling all the time, the rain on the newly built asphalt slow lane near the bus station flows crossly, and the sidewalk paved with permeable bricks also accumulates water everywhere, but the colored road under her feet is only wet. "The rain that fell to the ground almost seeped into the ground on the spot. It's amazing." Ms. Wu described it in her more important. According to reports, the laying process of this magical road is not complicated: first, the foundation cushion, the main material is gravel; The second is the permeable layer, which is bonded with polyurethane adhesive in proportion. The selected colored gravel is paved and compacted with a paver. The process of "polyurethane adhesive color gravel produced by BASF, a German patented and world leading chemical enterprise", is currently introduced by Xiamen Meili Coast Building Materials Co., Ltd

this magical road praised by Ms. Wu actually uses German city as a general designation for iron carbon alloy with carbon content ranging from 0.02% to 2.06% by mass. It is a colored road paved with new materials at bus stops, with a length of only about 60 meters. The relevant person in charge of the municipal construction department confirmed that this magical colored road is a new pavement material in Xiamen. At present, it is a test section

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