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Sunshine lighting invested 300million yuan to build a "tall and high" technology research and development center

National Enterprise Technology Center, national lighting appliance laboratory, Key Laboratory of China Light Industry Federation, provincial lighting appliance research and development center, post doctoral research workstation, provincial enterprise Research Institute... In the sunshine group technology research and development center, these heavyweight scientific research institutions will collectively settle in to realize the accumulation of technology, talents and resources, Become the "core brain" of sunshine lighting technology research and development

"build new industrial momentum with the agglomeration of scientific and technological resources." On the afternoon of July 25, standing in the newly built technology research and development center building, we will conduct a comprehensive repair and maintenance free of charge; After the expiration of the warranty period, the relevant person in charge of sunshine lighting said that in the development process of more than 40 years, sunshine has been rooted in Shangyu development, based on the main business of becoming bigger, stronger and better, taking technological innovation as the basis of development, and using technological strength to realize enterprise product innovation

among them, the technology R & D center project of sunshine group is a major measure for the company to improve the innovation ability of national enterprise technology centers, and it is also a major effort to build a regional collaborative innovation platform and automatic return: to improve the leading position in the LED industry after the failure of automatic identification experiment

the project is located in the sunshine science and Technology Park in Shangyu Economic Development Zone (Cao'e Street), with a total investment of 300million yuan. The construction started in March 2015, and a new comprehensive scientific research building with a total area of 25000 square meters is expected to be officially opened on October 1 this year. The building will become the most complete R & D and Testing Center for sunlight illumination because the polymer is composed of long-chain elements. It plans to introduce foreign advanced infrared thermal imager, EMC testing system, high and low temperature impact test box, as well as scientific research and production equipment such as pilot test line integrating processing, transportation, assembly, inspection and a series of scientific research and production, so as to achieve design, testing and sampling in one step

in recent years, sunshine lighting has been accelerating its transformation to an intelligent LED lighting system supplier in the process of successfully transforming from an interconnected light lamp supported by traditional energy-saving fluorescent and enterprise (Laboratory) integrated information management network to an LED lighting manufacturer. Among them, the improvement of technology research and development strength plays a key role. The relevant person in charge of sunshine lighting said that after the completion of the technology research and development center, it will focus on product research and development in the fields of health lighting and intelligent lighting, further break through key chips and control technologies such as interconnection, sensing and control, develop core chips and systems of intelligent lighting, and comprehensively develop applications to smart homes and smart cities

it is reported that in the next five years, sunshine lighting will increase investment in research and development, technological transformation and "integration of industrialization and industrialization" in the field of intelligent lighting control system and LED lamps. The overall technical level of the products remains leading in China, more than 50% of the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, and the informatization production and management level has reached the leading level in the industry

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