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The curtain has fallen on the 2016 "double 11" shopping carnival. Tmall, jd.com, Suning Tesco and other e-commerce companies have unveiled this year's report cards. Alibaba continued to take the lead, setting a new trading record with 120.7 billion yuan. This also exactly confirms Ma Yun's famous saying: "dreams still have to exist, in case they come true?"

the ideal is full, but the reality is skinny. Ms. Chen Liyun, who has been involved in the fabric curtain industry for more than ten years, has personally experienced the vicious competition of low threshold in the fabric curtain Market - renting a small facade, hanging several small samples, no brand, no team, no quality and service guarantee, no ethical price war, and inventory pressure. At present, President Chen has been feeling hard and can no longer follow his feelings

President Chen of dieyilan Hongjiang curtain specialty store said in an exchange with our reporter that for a long time, she has been on the road of curtain brand investigation in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. Finally, through the recommendation of her peers and her in-depth understanding, President Chen found that a fabric curtain brand "dieyilan" with a happy home culture, which is always considered for users, deeply moved her from products to services, and then to brand culture

first of all, the ultimate products, from the selection and control of surface raw materials to environmental protection and technology, are always for the sake of users. The second is good service. What is good service? User satisfaction is the foundation and user touch is the standard. Dieyilan pioneered the "6S after-sales service" in the curtain industry, which has been recognized by the majority of diefan. Finally, the unique brand culture can not only meet the user's use needs, but also meet the user's psychological needs. Dieyilan's happy home culture is a must-have skill for opening more than 130 stores in just a few years

after deeply understanding all the facts of Guangdong home furnishing fabric brand "dieyilan", President Chen did not hesitate to join dieyilan curtain, successfully opened a store in Hongjiang and became a member of dieyilan family

Ma Yun once said in his speech that the era of pure e-commerce has passed, and the next decade is the era of new retail. In the future, online and offline must be combined. It is impossible for customized curtain products to be sold completely online, because offline experience is required. It depends on fabric material, hand feel, color style, design communication, service level, brand impression, etc., but where do users come from? This is a problem. Dieyilan has accumulated some experience over the years, online drainage and offline transactions. From Baidu search, wechat alliance, tmall flagship store, Suning e-commerce platform, ICBC CCB e-commerce platform, etc. to the franchise stores, we also did brand promotion, and won three wins for manufacturers, users and society

President Chen sighed, "with the backing of brands, product quality has been guaranteed, vicious price wars have been avoided, and inventory pressure has been released. With o2o, we can go to the front end and keep up with the Internet era, so as to go further and realize our dreams."

Huaihua Hongjiang dieyilan store address: Hall on the second floor of building 3, Qiancheng building materials market, Hongjiang City, Huaihua City, Hunan Province

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