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From May 21 to 22, 2016, a kitchen and bathroom appliances feast was staged. Accompanied by a salute of flowers, Zhejiang Cohen Zunyi (Nanbai) Marriott store was grandly opened! The brand image of Zhejiang Cohen Marriott store swept the whole Zunyi in an instant, and the brand strength was unstoppable

in the early stage of opening, Zhejiang Cohen Zunyi (Nanbai) team made a thorough strategic deployment in close combination with the local market. Whether it is community promotion, terminal interception, or outdoor advertising, in terms of publicity and momentum, they took advance preparations, took the initiative, made full use of all resources, and pushed the activity atmosphere to the peak

at 8:18 a.m. on the 21st, the opening of Zhejiang Cohen Marriott officially kicked off. The grand opening scene attracted a large number of citizens to visit and experience, and the store was crowded. A variety of packages, gifts and golden egg smashing activities are emerging in endlessly. The one yuan shooting of Cohen water heater ignited the enthusiasm of Zunyi citizens, and the scene was unprecedented. The beautiful and beautiful store environment and fashionable kitchen electrical products have won the praise of many consumers

according to general manager Xu, a dealer in Zunyi county (Nanbai) of Cohen, Zhejiang, the Marriott store of Cohen has undergone careful preliminary preparations from the site selection to the official opening. Thanks to the strong support of Cohen headquarters and the personal guidance of Guizhou regional manager, this opening activity can achieve such success

after the activity, general manager Xu led his team to make a self-summary, self-control according to the specific situation, adjust the "battle" in time, and actively analyze and seek methods when encountering problems, so as to control the overall situation and make the whole activity smoothly and efficiently

the opening activity was successfully completed, but the warm atmosphere of the activity is still continuing. Zhejiang Cohen Marriott store continues to pack and set out, and continues to move forward on the road to glory





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