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Shanghai zhanchen cuisine invites you to taste

Shanghai zhanchen cuisine, invite you to taste

Shanghai zhanchen management team cheers for Shanghai station


deadline: 12:00 noon on August 11 (Thursday),

multiple choices. Please pay more attention to Shanghai Exhibition and choose three gold medal delicacies

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zhanchen sesame balls

zhanchen sesame balls, take good glutinous rice flour and butter, knead and ferment it by hand, fry it at high temperature to golden yellow, go down in one bite, crisp outside and waxy inside, rich taste and sweet, not only that, the glutinous rice in sesame balls also has the function of warming and tonifying the spleen and stomach

pineapple goo old meat

summer is relatively hot, and there is no appetite for big fish and big meat, but meat is a must. How can employees eat it without greasy and drive their appetite? Chefs at shangzhanchen chose pineapple goo old meat. This dish tastes fresh and greasy, and the sour and sweet taste can increase their appetite. Whether as a fruit or a dish, it is very delicious and nutritious

braised lion's head in brown sauce

braised lion's head in brown sauce, select the pork leg fresh delivered that day, chop it into minced meat, add eggs, etc. for seasoning, after a long time of pure manual " Toss meat " Increase the toughness and taste of meat, add chopped water chestnuts, and increase the chewing taste of meat balls. The mellow meat pieces and juices are irresistible top delicacies, and also the best choice for meat lovers

spicy crayfish

spicy crayfish is a popular food all over the country. How can zhanchen's recipes be without it. Select medium lobster, raise it with clean water to remove dirt, remove the black line at the tail, add the chef's Secret seasoning, and fry it with high oil and high fire. It is hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, sweet, tender, crisp, and has a rich and layered taste

fish head with double pepper

for employees who love spicy food, fish head with double pepper is essential. Double pepper refers to green pepper and red pepper, fresh fish head washed, cut open and pickled to taste; After frying, stir frying, coating, steaming and other processes, the delicious and spicy fish head with double peppers comes out of the oven

baby ginger duck pieces

the old saying goes: eat carrots in winter and ginger in summer, and don't bother the doctor to prescribe a prescription. Zhanchen baby ginger duck block is made by selecting the baby ginger of that year, cutting it into thin and uniform slices, and frying it with the fat adult tender duck. The baby ginger is tender and slightly spicy, the duck block is tender and fresh, and the brine is thick and sticky, with a strong taste. Eating it in summer can enhance blood circulation, dispel cold evil, nourish yin and blood, replenish qi and water, and reduce swelling

towel gourd soybeans

towel gourd fried soybeans, the soft waxiness of towel gourd and the granular feeling of soybeans are combined appropriately. This dish has the effects of clearing heat and cooling blood, detoxifying and defecating, dispelling wind and resolving phlegm, moistening skin and beauty, dredging meridians and collaterals, and circulating blood vessels

sparerib yam nourishing soup

sparerib yam nourishing soup takes yam and spareribs as the main ingredients, adds ginseng and green onions, and simmers slowly with medium fire. The soup is rich in juice and tastes salty and fresh, which can nourish the kidney and blood, nourish yin and maintain health, and has rich nutritional value




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