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Yuan Wei, the marketing director of Guangzhou Lanqiao household products Co., Ltd., received an exclusive interview from Huiya information and the reporter of China wardrobe to jointly discuss the development situation of the industry and the future development trend of Lanqiao

interview guest: Yuan Wei, marketing director of Guangzhou Lanqiao household products Co., Ltd.

president yuan: for last year, if we want to use a better word to describe our 2015, it is "ready to take off". Just like many enterprises have been saying "show strength" and "show enterprise", why didn't we have a particularly large dealer meeting in the past? Because we are laying the foundation in the early stage! By 2015, our foundation has been consolidated, and it is time for us to show. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use "ready to take off" to describe our blue Joe

China wardrobe: of course, since the beginning of 2016, we have also heard the good news from LAN Qiao. In just a few months, many new franchisees from Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan and even Xinjiang have joined. What are the magic tricks of LAN Qiao to attract so many partners

president yuan: in my opinion, no matter what enterprise or brand it is, it is not a "coup", but every enterprise has its own uniqueness, whether it is products, marketing or more help policies. I think we can be more humanized than other enterprises, and we will consider problems from the perspective of franchisees. Because for franchisees, it's no problem to invest 300000 or 500000 to build a store, but what we LAN Qiao will consider is how long we can get back the capital and make you profitable after you invest so much money. Lanqiao has several successful, skilled and reproducible models to help dealers develop

Yuan Wei, marketing director of Guangzhou Lanqiao household products Co., Ltd., was interviewed by Huiya information and home hotline reporters

China wardrobe: you just mentioned the "help policy", so does the dealer have a leap with the help of Lanqiao headquarters? Are there any specific examples

president yuan: of course, there will be leaps. For example, I will give some specific examples. A franchisee in Hangzhou opened a store in 2014 after joining in 2013. The store has expanded to 1000 square meters in 2015. If the dealer doesn't earn money, he can't expand the store so much. His current team has more than 50 people, and there are more than 10 designers. There are basically one sales event in one to two months, and the company has been giving him some replicable models, Help him build the whole team; In addition, our Suzhou dealer saw our first sale in 2014, saw that we had such a successful case, and then joined our brand on the spot. In 2014, he had only one store, and in 2015, he won a 590 square meter store in red star. This also means that the experience solutions we provide to dealers are executable, landing, reproducible and can build teams, so dealers will invest so much to build their own teams

China wardrobe: LAN Qiao attaches great importance to the effectiveness of terminal operation. What aspects do you think terminal operation should pay most attention to? Does LAN Qiao have some experience for his franchisee friends

president yuan: I have always believed that talents should be paid attention to, "selection, employment, education and retention", which is the key. Then, dealers need to have a high sensitivity to the market, including the trend and changes of the market. After all, the headquarters are far away, so when dealers encounter some special specific situations, the headquarters can't consider them completely in advance. Therefore, dealers and franchisees in the front line must have a keen insight and observation ability. Moreover, whether they are store personnel, designers, or peripheral personnel, dealers need to carry out a large number of talent reserves, in terms of talent selection, employment, reservation, retention, We should make a detailed arrangement and training

China wardrobe: 2016 is known as the first year of customization, and it is also a year of rapid expansion of large home furnishings. What specific actions and layout will LAN Qiao have in this year

president yuan: we have been developing in a planned and distributed way. In January this year, we held a core dealer conference at Shangri La Hotel in Guangzhou. Then in March, we held a practical training for terminal stores and launched a new software to display the effect map of the whole house. This year, we have done a good job in software and four sets of profit models. At present, for LAN Qiao, these are quite advantageous, and many enterprises in the market still don't have these feasible, reliable and reproducible schemes developed by LAN Qiao




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