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On August 28, ctiforum (Liwenjie): Recently, the 19th special seminar on Financial Shared Services of enterprise informatization climbing action sponsored by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council was grandly held in Shenzhen. More than 200 heads of financial management departments and information technology departments of central enterprises from all over the country and outstanding IT manufacturers participated in the meeting, and jointly promoted the central enterprises' data line shielding processing industry to further implement the informatization climbing plan and continuously improve the informatization level by means of expert lectures, typical benchmarking, case analysis, theme discussion and other forms

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at the meeting, it manufacturers represented by Inspur shared their solutions. In particular, during the expert lecture session, yangjinli, chief consulting expert of Langchao tongsoft, made a thematic report on financial transformation through Financial Sharing: starting from the requirements of financial transformation, he analyzed the necessity of a new model of financial shared services, as well as the differentiation of financial shared service centers at home and abroad, and shared Langchao's understanding of financial shared services, Combined with the application practice of Financial Sharing Service of China Railway 12th Bureau, it vividly expounds the solution of Inspur financial sharing service. Inspur, together with China Railway 12th Bureau, has fundamentally laid the road of financial transformation for China Railway 12th bureau with the goal of four combinations, three centers and two transformations. This nano wave filter membrane is a synthetic substitute for glass fiber media materials, and is combined with enterprise strategy, centralized financial capital control, business operation and overall informatization construction to establish three centers of financial sharing, capital control and financial management, Finally, it will realize the transformation from financial accounting to financial management function, and from afterwards accounting to calculating in advance and controlling in the process

in recent years, management accounting with financial sharing services as the main content has become the focus of attention of large group enterprises. Therefore, this seminar has attracted wide attention in the industry. Some central enterprises and even the entire financial management team have organized groups to attend the seminar. With the overall shift of the group's control focus from financial control to strategic control and operational control, a series of changes have taken place in the financial function. The group's financial management mode has also experienced three stages, from computerized accounting, centralized management to Financial Shared Service Center. However, restricted by the means of informatization, the Financial Sharing Service Center has some problems, such as insufficient service flexibility, extensive use of molecular materials in the electronics and automobile industries, large system investment and high maintenance costs, which hinder the development of the Financial Sharing Service Center. As a leading IT manufacturer in China, Inspur has been deeply involved in enterprise management for 30 years. For many years, Inspur has been actively advocating management accounting and helping enterprises' financial management innovation. In 2013, Inspur took the lead in defining the financial cloud. Two years ago, Inspur came to Tongling from Suzhou to invest in the distribution of Inspur's financial cloud products, promoting enterprise financial management into the cloud and realizing anytime, anywhere access and service flexibility. The financial cloud effectively integrates the group enterprise financial sharing management mode with new technologies such as cloud computing, mobile Internet and big data, realizes the integration of financial sharing service, financial management and fund management, establishes a centralized and unified enterprise financial cloud center, supports multi terminal access mode, and finally realizes the collaborative application of accounting, reimbursement, capital and decision-making in the whole group. The emergence of the financial cloud has effectively promoted the upgrading of the Financial Shared Service Center, helped enterprises achieve flexible access, improved business dynamics, agility and reliability, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), and truly realized the advantages of sharing, service and on-demand change of the Financial Shared Service Center

through the case analysis, mode discussion, problem analysis, practical value, etc. of the Summit Seminar of SASAC, financial sharing services will continue to heat up and become an important trend leading the financial informatization of group enterprises. By virtue of its profound historical accumulation, Inspur will also help central enterprises' financial informatization and the construction of Financial Sharing Service Center, create value for customers and grow together with Chinese enterprises

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