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Focus on the establishment of Russia's automobile industry Langsheng lipezk factory

Langsheng focuses on the general trend of Russia's motorization. The subsidiary of Langsheng Rhine chemical will produce rubber additives and release agents in Russia from 2014, and begin to produce vulcanization capsules for the tire industry in 2016

after the completion of the new plant of rheinchem, a subsidiary of Lansheng, in lipezk, it will provide rubber additives and release agents for the Russian and CIS markets, especially for its automobile and tire industries. The new production plant is planned to start construction at the beginning of 2012, and will be put into operation in the first half of 2013. 4. The fixture that needs to change in the development of the industry will be put into operation in the year of development; In 2016, another production facility for manufacturing tire vulcanization capsules will be added. The total investment will reach about 5million euros, and 40 jobs will be created in the medium term

raniervan Roessel, a member of the management board of LANXESS, said: "Russia and the CIS are important growth markets for us, and are part of our strategy to focus on the BRICs countries and the global wave of motorization. Through the construction of this new base, we hope to benefit directly from the huge development potential of this region." The research results show that by 2016, Russia will become the largest passenger car market in Europe, and the automobile output will exceed 3million

the company's new plant in lipezk will produce 1500 metric tons of rhenogran rubber additive and about 500 metric tons of rhenodiv release agent every year. These products will be mainly used in the manufacture of automobile tires and industrial rubber products, such as hoses and sealing rings. In 2016, an R will be added to the plant and an underwriting agreement will be signed to obtain the overseas mineral resource henoshape sulfide capsule production facility, with an annual capacity of 80000. Vulcanization capsules are used in the tire industry for the final shaping of tires

LANXESS has set up its own company in Russia since 2009. In march2009, Langsheng Sales Representative Office was established in the federal building in Moscow. LANXESS business is developing rapidly 7 The test bench should have the function of revision: in the first nine months of 2011, LANXESS achieved a sales revenue of about 50million euros in the Russian market. This is equivalent to more than twice the total sales in 2009. Langsheng group currently has about 30 employees in Russia

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