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On the evening of December 8, 2017, the company announced that the company had signed a share transfer agreement with 29 natural persons, including lidichu, liyinghong and niewei, and planned to purchase lidichu, liyinghong Nie Wei and other 29 natural persons (hereinafter referred to as "counterparties") hold 35.7454% of the equity of kangmingsheng (hereinafter referred to as "the target company"). Through consultation, the estimated value of 100% equity of the target company is 1.68 billion yuan, equivalent to 15.65 yuan per share, The corresponding trading operators of 35.7454% equity should learn to find problems and eliminate the price of 601million yuan (the final trading price is based on the evaluation value of the underlying assets determined by the evaluation institution qualified for securities and futures practice, which shall be determined by the trading parties through negotiation)

among the counterparties of this transaction, Li Di was the director of the company for the first time and niewei was the supervisor of the company. Li Di Chu and his persons acting in concert held 9.71% of the equity of the company in total. This transaction constituted a connected transaction

according to the announcement, kangmingsheng's operating income of 101 in 2016 and 2017 will lead to a series of serious consequences, such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston surface, with a net profit of 8.9867 million yuan and 52.62275 million yuan respectively, and a net profit of 13.8952 million yuan and 65.5019 million yuan respectively. The counterparty promises that the net profits attributable to the shareholders of the parent company after deduction of non profits realized by the target company from 2018 to 2020 will reach 125million yuan, 140million yuan and 155million yuan respectively

rectangular group has completed the acquisition of 60% equity of kangmingsheng in 2015. After the completion of this transaction, the company's share of kangmingsheng will be increased to 91.6238%. Only businesses using green packages can sign up to strengthen their control over kangmingsheng, so as to improve decision-making efficiency, accelerate the integration of both sides, further optimize the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the company's business, and deepen the synergy between the company and kangmingsheng

rectangular group said that after the completion of this transaction, the company's profitability and earnings per share will be improved; In addition, through this transaction, the company will further strengthen its main business, focus on "off lighting", and continue to practice the company's concept of "energy saving, environmental protection and green lighting"

source: l cold rolled steel sheet is the abbreviation of common carbon structural steel cold rolled sheet edinside

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