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Focus: stimulating the future of China's economy requires the "five carriages"

if China's economy wants to maintain the driving force of sustainable development and turn to the endogenous economic development model, it must increase the investment, foreign trade and consumption that have driven the economy for the past three decades to the five carriages. The newly added two carriages: one is the private economy; First, the new high-tech economy

financial writer tangchuangxin published an article saying that the economic development model of the troika is an export-oriented economic development model in which the foreign trade economy accounts for the main proportion. This is a necessary, effective and successful economic development model in the process of China's economic development. However, around 2010, the proportion of foreign trade economy to China's gross national product has exceeded 60%, reaching a maximum of 65%. With the changes in the development situation of China's economy and the global economy, the export-oriented economic development model that relies on government investment and strong promotion of foreign trade economy for a long time is obviously unsustainable. Although China has a large population, before the new century, China was still a relatively small economy among the global economies. Even though China's GDP in 2000 was more than 20 times higher than that in 1979, it still accounted for a small proportion of the global economy. But today, due to its low microwave dielectric constant, China's economy has grown up like a child and become an economic giant. After preliminary accounting, the GDP in 2012 was 51.93 trillion yuan, becoming the second largest economy in the world. China's economy of this size needs to maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 7% of its gross national product. Under the background of a global economic growth rate of less than 3%, it is obviously impossible to continue to rely mainly on foreign trade exports, and the global economy must be unable to bear it. Since last year, a large number of trade frictions with the economy and disputes between dumping and anti-dumping have emerged, which is a prominent manifestation of this contradiction. Therefore, to some extent, the transformation of China's economic development mode to an upgraded version is to upgrade from the structure of the troika to the new structure and form of the troika

first, let's talk about the fourth carriage. It is a private economic force composed of various forms of private investment and private small and medium-sized enterprises, including various large and medium-sized private enterprises, collective enterprises and individual enterprises, in addition to the national capital construction investment

since the reform and opening up, China's private economy of various forms of ownership has already blossomed everywhere. However, at the same time, it cannot be denied that although the private economy over the past three decades has played a very important role in China's economic development, its power is still very limited in truly playing a major role in comprehensively stimulating the entire Chinese economy, with the purpose of making the indenter or anvil contact with the experimental machine to compress the high-speed development

in recent years, the Chinese government has been making great efforts to start the non-governmental industry. The reason is that investment promotes the prosperity and development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The government has adopted a series of policies and measures to encourage private investment and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, that is, to create conditions to promote the fourth carriage of China's economy in the future and make it the main force of national economic development as soon as possible. The current preferential tax policies adopted by the Chinese government; A series of policies and measures to encourage private investment and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises; Creating the SME board and the growth enterprise board in China's securities market, providing funds for the survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, encouraging the development of small and micro enterprises through financial policies, reducing the conditions for the establishment of private companies, and so on, are specific measures to fully launch the fourth driving force of China's economic development

the fifth carriage that will drive China's economic development in the future is the rising economy of China's high-tech emerging enterprises

at present, we have to face up to a practical problem that China's high-tech has not played the role of the main force that it should play in stimulating the development of the national economy. In the United States, Europe and Japan, the driving force of high-tech economy is absolutely the most important force to drive economic development. To improve the quality of GDP is to increase the proportion of high-tech economy in GDP. Today, from new energy, new materials, new medicine, new network information to the field of navigation, aerospace and aviation technology, China has possessed many world leading high-tech, but these high-tech have failed to play their due main role in the development of the national economy. The main reason, the author believes, is the lack of means and systems to commercialize, produce and commercialize high and new technologies, resulting in many Chinese high and new technologies missing the opportunity to occupy the market. This is because in the past, we always lacked the knowledge and experience of market-oriented and enterprise oriented operation, and did not form the operation mode of high-tech enterprise and the market mechanism to communicate with it. For example, according to the schedule of China's high-tech projects such as Chang'e project and Beidou satellite navigation system project, it can be inferred that China's digital imaging technology, digital photography technology and digital transmission technology have long been the world leader in tracking the development of science and technology such as satellite tracking, aerospace and remote control. However, the quality of Chinese civilian digital cameras and digital cameras as a whole is far inferior to that of Japan and South Korea. This is because we have not made the world's leading digital imaging technology, digital photography technology and digital transmission technology into enterprises, markets and products as soon as possible. It should be noted that any high and new technology that exceeds a certain time limit will become backward technology. Therefore, the failure to popularize high and new technology in time not only makes it lose its role in promoting the development of society and national economy, but also a great waste of high and new technology knowledge and energy

the article emphasizes that vigorously promoting the development of high-tech enterprise economy is the most important foundation for China's growth and enhancement. To prosper the country through science and technology, the most important thing is the driving force of science and technology to promote the economy, so that high technology accounts for the main proportion of GDP. Our current GDP development mode is low-end, and the main components of GDP development quality are also relatively low-end. Relying on the development mode of high energy consumption, high pollution, low output and low cost and low benefit is the low-end development mode that first solved the problem of eating when China's economic development foundation was weak in the past. Under the new situation that China has become an economic power in terms of scale, it has become the key to become a real world power, make every effort to improve the quality of GDP, and accelerate the upgrading of scientific and technological enterprises

in order to vigorously develop high-tech enterprises, it is urgent to vigorously promote and support the industrialization of high-tech enterprises in terms of public opinion, policies, systems, finance and resources. We will increase research and development of high and new technologies, increase support for high and new technology enterprises, and accelerate the transformation of high and new science and technology into industrialization, so that China's high and new technology enterprises as a whole will become important productive forces driving social development as soon as possible. At the same time, it will rapidly enhance and promote the international competitiveness of China's high-tech enterprises. China must strive to nurture a large number of high-tech enterprises with world advanced level, so as to provide a solid foundation and a solid foundation for the rapid rise of China's economy

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with the vigorous growth of China's high-tech enterprises, the government's support for high-tech enterprises and the stimulation of preferential policies, China's high-tech enterprise economy is bound to become an important driving force for China's economic development in the future

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