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Focusing on the "12th Five Year" industrial plan, the medical device market is expected to double.

Guide: with the medical device enterprises further digging into the rural + community market, and under the situation of continuous structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, the medical device industry has entered a period of rapid development

focus on the 12th Five year industrial plan

the 12th Five year plan clearly proposes to improve the basic medical and health system, which makes the industry have new expectations for medical reform

at the same time, the introduction of the 2011 main work arrangement for the five key reforms of the medical and health system has intensified the efforts to send medical devices to the countryside. The arrangement clearly points out that this year, we will complete the construction of rural three-level health service network and urban community health service institutions. On the basis of the previous two years, we will support the construction of more than 300 county-level hospitals, more than 1000 central township health centers and more than 13000 village clinics

according to the survey, the medical device industry has entered a period of rapid development with the medical device enterprises further digging into the rural + community market and the situation of continuous structural adjustment and industrial upgrading

at the 23rd International Medical Instrument and equipment exhibition held in mid March, frost Sullivan, a market research company, predicted that China's entire medical instrument and equipment market would double from now to 2015, reaching US $53.7 billion

we predict that China's medical device market will maintain a fairly high growth in 2011. Yesterday, caitianzhi, director of the medical device Department of the China Medical Insurance chamber of Commerce, introduced to the Shanghai Securities News that with the impact of the Japanese earthquake and the production stoppage of relevant Japanese enterprises, the sales of medical device products exported from China to Japan will also rise. In particular, the export growth of protective and radiation resistant products will increase significantly. In addition, it is worth noting that the relevant national departments will increase the support of special funds for the product innovation and independent research and development of medical device enterprises

what breakthroughs can China's medical device industry make during the 12th Five Year Plan period? According to informed sources, technology research, product research and development, platform construction and base construction will be the development priorities of China's medical device industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period. At the same time, China will vigorously adjust the development direction and product structure of the medical device industry, support and develop independent intellectual property rights, promote industrial development, and actively boost market confidence

expansion of medical insurance

in the past 2010, the development momentum of China's medical device industry was particularly eye-catching. The market scale broke through the 100billion yuan mark at one fell swoop, reaching 120billion yuan, with a growth rate of 23%, making a significant contribution to the development history of China's pharmaceutical industry

the rapid expansion of China's medical device market is inseparable from the strong support of governments at all levels for the medical and health undertakings in recent years. National statistics show that in 2006, the national medical and health expenditure was 132.023 billion yuan. By 2010, this expenditure increased to 443.9 billion yuan. Among them, the central government's medical and health expenditure reached 148.535 billion yuan, and the local government's medical and health expenditure reached 295.4 billion yuan, 10.76 times and 2.50 times that of 2006 respectively

in order to promote the implementation of the new medical reform, the state has promised to invest an additional 850billion yuan (123billion US dollars) in the three years from 2009 to 2011 to establish a universal medical insurance system, which will cover 90% of the Chinese population by 2010, and focus on improving the construction of rural areas and community health service centers

in the government work report of this year's two sessions, it was clearly pointed out that to promote the reform and development of medical and health services, the financial subsidy standard for medical insurance for urban residents should be raised to 200 yuan this year, and the national per capita standard for basic public health services should be raised to 25 yuan

in this regard, analysts at CITIC Securities pointed out that with the deepening of medical reform, the proportion of government and social health expenditure in the total health expenditure has increased from 40% in 2001 to 61.8%. At present, the drug price reduction, which has become the curse of the pharmaceutical market, is just evidence of the government's efforts in this direction. To reduce the treatment cost, the localization of treatment instruments and consumables is an inevitable trend

according to the analysis, the sales volume of medical devices in China has continued to expand in recent years. In 2000, the sales revenue was 14.5 billion yuan, and by 2009, it had exceeded 80billion yuan. The compound growth rate in the past 10 years was 21%, and the possibility of growth explosion in the future could not be ruled out

industry researchers pointed out that the aging population, the improvement of health care awareness, the new medical reform and the support of industrial policies provide strong support for the rapid growth of medical device demand in the coming years. The scientific and technological progress of the upstream industry and the improvement of the manufacturing level of basic industries have laid a foundation for the development of the medical device industry

in the future, the development of medical devices in China will be divided into two levels. Guofanli, a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry of CIC, said that according to the outline of the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan, China's medical devices have two major development directions: on the one hand, technology and product research and development. With the steady implementation of the new medical reform, increasing the research and development of medical devices is the current focus; On the other hand, it is the construction of industrial platforms and bases. At present, it is urgent to change the situation of scattered, disordered and poor in this regard and achieve healthy development

at the same time, the export of China's medical devices is also worth looking forward to. According to caitianzhi, director of the medical device Department of the China Medical Insurance chamber of Commerce, China's medical device products are of high quality and low price. On the basis of the continuous improvement of manufacturing technology and R & D level, the export situation is rising, and the development prospect in the next year is also quite optimistic by the industry

in fact, in 2010, China's export and import of medical devices simultaneously set a record high: in 2010, China's total import and export of medical devices reached US $22.656 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23.47%. Among them, the export volume was US $14.699 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20.05%; The import volume was US $7.957 billion, a year-on-year increase of 30.35%

in 2011, if China's medical device products can maintain the existing international market share and expand, the annual export is expected to achieve a 15% growth. It is estimated that the total import and export volume of China's medical devices in 2011 is expected to exceed US $25billion. Professionals of China Medical Insurance chamber of Commerce made such analysis

unlimited rural + community space

insiders should point out that after nearly one year of research and development and countless experimental changes, China's medical device market has ushered in an important period of development opportunities under the background of this era. In particular, the medium and low-end medical device products are in the vast rural and community hospital market. Excellent performance. Chenjian, the Board Secretary of Yuyue medical, said that taking the company's ultrasonic nebulizer as an example, last year, in Hunan alone, the company sold more than 40000 sets of ultrasonic nebulizer, which surprised him. It was later learned that in the detailed medical reform plan issued by the local government, each health center in each natural village must be equipped with an ultrasonic nebulizer product

in the future, the primary medical institutions in the second and third tier counties and towns will be the top priority of China's medical device market. In the opinion of Mr. He, the representative of Wandong Medical securities affairs, the economically backward areas including the central and western regions are also the focus of future development. With the growth of consumption strength in these areas, the national medical reform investment will continue to increase in the future, and the growth space of districts and counties will be quite broad

in 2010, Xinhua medical achieved an operating revenue of 1.342 billion yuan, an increase of 51.52%, and a net profit of 64.62 million yuan, an increase of 46.76%. An important reason for its rapid growth was that it came from county-level hospitals. Soochow securities industry analysts said that the state proposed to focus on supporting the construction of 2000 county-level hospitals and the investment, upgrading and upgrading of hospital sensing and control equipment, making the company's Hospital sensing and control equipment full of growth momentum. Xinhua medical has a market share of more than 70% in county-level hospitals

in fact, as early as five years ago, Ge electric and other companies had seen more opportunities for primary medical institutions in second and third tier cities in China, and wrote a report that the profit of one ton of steel was not as good as that of a Gillette razor. Since 2006, the Philips Medical equipment movement to the countryside has been rolled out

in the view of senior industry insiders, it is difficult for foreign capital to move forward at present. After all, the consultation level of hospitals in China's vast rural market and underdeveloped areas is low, and the ability of medical personnel to control high-end medical equipment is not enough. Therefore, the expensive high-end equipment of foreign capital is not the right way. However, domestic medical device enterprises, which mainly produce medium - and low-end products, have a better understanding of the market, their sales terminals are easier to go deep, and their products are marketable. Therefore, at the level of grass-roots medical institutions, to some extent, foreign-funded enterprises are being pushed back step by step

the development of rural and community primary hospitals will bring new opportunities to the medical device industry. Yangxingguo, director of Beijing Office of Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., said in an interview. For example, the general practice diagnosis system can find its place in grass-roots hospitals. The general diagnosis system is a wall mounted medical equipment, which can integrate stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, oximeter, thermometer, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, laryngoscope and other equipment, so that patients can be treated nearby in the community or village

in addition, the updating and upgrading of China's primary medical institutions has also provided a significant increase in market demand

Mr. He of Wandong Medical pointed out that the upgrading of district and county medical institutions, the demand for product structure adjustment, and the growth of rural social security will continuously expand the business volume of the company

the question now is whether the rapid growth of China's medical devices brought about by the expansion of rural and community markets can continue

in the 2011 main work arrangement for the five key reforms of the medical and health system released in February this year, it was clearly proposed to complete the construction of the rural three-level health service network and the urban community health service institutions, and to support more than 300 county-level hospitals (including traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, the same below) on the basis of 3. The nuts of the equipment should be tightened regularly in the previous two years Construction of more than 1000 central township health centers and more than 13000 village clinics. Mobile mobile medical service vehicles are provided for remote areas and mountainous areas in the central and western regions

insiders pointed out that in 2011, although the new medical reform entered its final year and the urbanization construction will also slow down, the national new rural construction has just started. About 800million Chinese farmers live in the countryside. Due to the existence of urban-rural dual economy, the vast rural areas in China are still very backward, and the infrastructure construction is quite weak. In order to effectively alleviate this contradiction, the state will continue to increase support for the vast rural areas and backward areas in the future. Due to the large population, wide regions and large stalls, the national new rural construction will be a long-term process, which is the driving engine for the long-term growth of China's medical device market

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