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Zhejiang valve implements technical standards to promote the development of the valve industry

recently, the Zhejiang valve Standardization Technical Committee held four meetings in Yaoxi villa, Yaoxi Town, Longwan, Wenzhou. The main agenda of the meeting: To review the work summary of the previous year and the work plan of the current year; Working forum of members of the Technical Committee for standardization; ATEX explosion proof certification, valve spraying technology application and other technical exchanges. Zhangxiaozhong, Secretary General of the provincial valve standard technology committee, presided over the meeting

it is understood that the Zhejiang provincial standardization technical committee, which has settled in Wenzhou, marks that the valve industry in Wenzhou will have a provincial level. How should we choose? Next, our technicians will introduce the classification of spring fatigue testing machines and how to choose suitable equipment? Valve standards and other authorities, and rely on the advantages of technical research and development of the Standardization Technical Committee to promote the optimization and upgrading of its own industrial structure. The establishment of the valve standardization and Technology Committee in Zhejiang Province is the need of the new situation of the scientific concept of development and the inevitable requirement of the development of the standardization cause of the valve industry. Under the leadership of the provincial, municipal and county bureaus, the standardization and Technology Committee is mainly to speed up the standardization technology work of the valve industry, improve and stimulate the development of the block industrial chain, and build a high-quality valve standardization technology team, Echoing the slogan of Zhejiang provincial enterprise load sensor force measurement industry innovation common platform advocated by the Zhejiang provincial government, it will make due contributions to the development of Zhejiang valve industry. The establishment of the standardization and Technology Committee is the need of the new situation of the scientific concept of development and the inevitable requirement of the development of standardization in the valve industry

the establishment of Zhejiang valve Professional Standardization Technical Committee will help Wenzhou speed up the research on basic standards, method standards and product standards of the valve industry; It is conducive to improving the competitiveness of products, implementing the strategy of technical standards, and accelerating the pace of product technological innovation; It is conducive to give full play to the technical support role of standardization in the great development of the valve industry. The newly prepared provincial valve Professional Standardization Technical Committee will focus on several aspects: drafting and formulating the local standard of Zhejiang Province "test and inspection of pound valves", accepting the standard revision work proposed by valves and relevant units, carrying out the publicity and implementation activities of the latest revised valves and related standards at home and abroad, building the station of Zhejiang valve Professional Standardization Technical Committee and putting it into trial operation

the Zhejiang provincial standardization technical committee is located in Baoyi group in Oubei, Wenzhou, and the secretary general is zhangxiaozhong, executive vice president of Baoyi group. Since Baoyi group undertook the work of the Secretariat of the provincial valve standard technical committee, it has vigorously implemented the technical standard strategy, promoted the quality improvement of the valve block industry and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the valve industry by formulating and implementing the provincial valve local standards and valve enterprise alliance standards, which has been highly praised by the provincial and municipal quality supervision bureaus and local government leaders

in recent years. The member units of Zhejiang valve technical committee participated in the formulation and revision of 20 standards. Among them, there are 1 national valve standard of China, 17 valve industry standards and 2 local valve industry standards. The member units participating in the preparation and revision are all leading valve enterprises in Yongjia County. In the past three years since the establishment of Zhejiang valve Standardization Technical Committee, the standardization technical work has been carried out smoothly. For example, Zhejiang Chaoda Valve Co., Ltd. participated in a national standard gb/t21385? Preparation and revision of 2008 metal seal ball valve. The year before last, the Yongjia valve industry enterprise alliance standard, which was participated by the first batch of 33 enterprises including Baoyi, Xuanda, Liangjing and Bethel to ensure its sharpness, was said by the members of the expert group that the spring test machine alliance standard exceeded the current national standard and closely followed the international level. In addition, the first local standard of the valve industry in the province, "inspection and testing of valves" (divided into American series and European Series), which was prepared and revised by Baoyi Group Co., Ltd., was officially released and implemented, filling the gap that the valves of foreign standards lack the basis of legal supervision and inspection standards

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