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Vanke executives visited garberry to explore jointly creating quality and new industry standards

Vanke executives visited garberry to explore jointly creating quality and new industry standards

on May 29, 2019

Vanke, founded in 1984, had a chat with garberry, founded in 1993, in the beautiful oriental city of Shanghai

under the three core ideas of "precise positioning, strict quality control and health care", it has always been the firm concept of Vanke Group to hope to build good products. And always adhere to the "let home beautiful, let love at ease" of garberry, has also been honest, down-to-earth temperament to practice the mission of national enterprises

facing the discussion of pain points and difficulties in the industry, and how to strictly control from product design to construction management, and then to environmental protection management in the whole life cycle of operation, the two sides had in-depth exchanges. It can be said that this is not only a simple manufacturer inspection, but also an in-depth cooperation discussion and concept exchange


"one company, one policy" service Vanke

since 2000, garberry architectural coatings has been planning the layout. By 2009, it began to focus on strategic procurement. After years of accumulation, it has had a mature team and service ability

in February this year, with many years of cooperation and service experience with major real estate, garberry established a strategic partnership with Vanke Group, a super heavyweight real estate, and won the bid to purchase coatings for interior and exterior walls, floors, insulation, etc

in 2018, Vanke has further upgraded its positioning to "urban and rural construction and living service provider" and built an overall ecosystem with a large scale. This coincides with Jiabaoli Dajian coating, which is committed to being a "professional coating solution provider of the whole system", and leads the whole system of medical plastics.nbsp; There are many highlights of high-performance materials, and a tacit understanding has been reached in terms of product supply and demand

▲ recommendation of professional coating solutions for the whole system

recently, senior leaders from Vanke Group visited garberry Shanghai branch to investigate and discuss industrial issues such as quality inspection, supply cycle, insulation industry and the development of wood paint, accompanied by leaders of garberry construction paint, furniture paint and other departments

▲ Vanke's senior leaders inspected the production workshop

first, the leaders of Vanke Group came to the technical laboratory, production workshop and other places to investigate in succession, and learned about the production equipment and process of Jiabaoli coating products in detail. It is reported that Jiabaoli group has already realized the production layout in the country. In addition, Taixing plant, which is being built in Jiangsu, has seven production bases, which can realize the rapid supply of Vanke national projects

Mr. Wang Shukun, general manager of Jiabaoli dajiantu, said that the company attaches great importance to the service experience and quality assurance of real estate word-of-mouth enterprises and customers. In order to serve the strategic partners of real estate, Jiabaoli has implemented the business strategy of "one company, one policy"

at the same time, since the signing of this cooperation, the company has held many thematic discussions on how to serve Vanke well, and has carried out dynamic tracking and project analysis on the projects of the real estate company in the region of the country, so as to ensure the quality, delivery and service in the future

during this inspection, the leaders of Vanke Group also made a detailed understanding of the product inspection and quality control of garberry, the warehousing of raw materials and the corresponding management system, and intuitively felt the construction methods and new processes of mainstream products through the observation of the sample wall in the Shanghai plant

new process of Jiabaoli engineering paint 2019 (real stone texture series)


discussion on the pain points of the thermal insulation industry

on May 20, the wall covering of the building facade of Yuefu community, Gongyuan, Changping District, Beijing was blown down by strong winds, and a large number of wall covering falling from high altitude fell into the kindergarten downstairs. Fortunately, no children were in class, causing widespread concern in the society

in recent years, the falling off of the external insulation system of the external wall has been the focus of the real estate industry, which hopes to make a breakthrough in the use of new materials. In many relevant exchange forums, the overall coating construction solution from the basic level to the facade decoration layer has also been respected

▲ display of energy-saving building product system of garberry

in the in-depth negotiation with Vanke executives, Shen Xiaogang, deputy general manager of garberry Dajian coating, introduced in detail the current situation and difficulties of the development of the insulation industry at home and abroad

Ms. Wang Yun, vice president of Vanke Group, proposed that the current warranty period of thermal insulation materials is 5 years, and there are problems such as the overall quality standard is not high enough, and the quality assurance compatibility between construction and products is not strong enough. Vanke hopes to discuss and seek solutions with manufacturers and builders, and strive to increase the warranty period of thermal insulation system to years if the data is directly extracted from the database

▲ the two sides discuss and exchange industry pain points

it is reported that garberry has operated the insulation business since 2014, and currently cooperates with real estate enterprises such as Vanke, China Resources, China shipping, rongchuang, Jianye, R & F, Jindi, Huaxia happiness, Xuhui, etc. With years of brand accumulation and professional improvement, the sales volume of the insulation business sector has reached nearly 200million yuan by 2018, ranking among the top 10 suppliers of external insulation system materials

project: Vanke City Phase VII

location: Henan/Zhengzhou

Product: rock wool board thin plastered external wall external insulation system

construction area: 80000 square meters

Project: Vanke Rancho Santa Fe

location: Henan/Zhengzhou

Product: rock wool board thin plastered external wall external insulation system

construction area: 60000 square meters

general manager Shen Xiaogang said, With the further in-depth cooperation between Jiabaoli thermal insulation materials and Vanke, while occupying a larger market share, Jiabaoli also hopes to continuously improve the level of technology research and development and quality monitoring. In terms of the compatibility of the combination of products and construction, these two models are on the road of mass production to explore new industry standards and solve industry pain points


hardbound houses give birth to a new direction of wood paint

times are changing, and young consumers give birth to a new trend of developers' hardbound house strategy. Since the hardbound housing policy of Henan Province in 2017, the hardbound housing policy has blossomed all over the country, and a new round of dividends have also appeared in the furniture industry and the basic indoor building materials industry. In particular, companies with large brand influence choose to cooperate with real estate companies to promote the furniture industry to a new peak

▲ key words of furniture paint 2019

Jiabaoli wood paint has developed for many years. In 2019, with "leading" as the key word, adhere to "creative art" and "craftsman soul" as the core words to seek deeper development. During this inspection, Vanke executives expressed strong interest in the potential application and market of this sector in hardbound houses

in recent years, garberry furniture paint has gained insight into the market opportunity. In addition to deep cooperation with design colleges and universities, it also has close cooperation with creative design companies. It has not only successively built three painting art museums in China (Longjiang Museum, Puyang Museum and Wuhan Museum), providing customers with a spiritual place of painting design, but also helped many furniture manufacturers open new ideas of environmental protection and upgrading with the green painting ecological chain

Mr. Zhou Qiang, general manager of Jiabaoli furniture paint, introduced that in order to make the products better meet the market demand, through years of market research and analysis, combined with decades of scientific research background of wood paint, rich wood research data and senior coating experience, Jiabaoli has constantly innovated and tested to obtain a variety of coating solutions that meet the needs of the market

▲ garberry group exhibition hall

in the hardbound housing market closely related to the furniture industry, the market potential and demand are huge. As a material developer upstream of the industrial chain, it may have great potential

the relevant person in charge of Vanke said that how to work with upstream supply chain manufacturers to develop products that conform to the trend of hardbound housing, such as hardbound customized furniture such as floors and wooden doors, and achieve a good combination of economic products with high-end texture effects and cost control, is also an area in which the group hopes to seek breakthroughs

▲ furniture paint product model display

with years of overall development strength, brand influence and service ability, the cooperation between garberry group and Vanke will be destined to be a typical case of deep integration of building materials industry and real estate industry

▲ a group photo of both teams

in the future, we believe that both sides will continue to optimize and improve their strength in cooperation, closely follow the changes of the times and the trend of hardbound houses, and explore new heights of the whole system coating solutions such as architectural coatings, thermal insulation, flooring system, wood paint and so on

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