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The valve industry should strive to explore the domestic and foreign valve market

first, we should have a sense of innovation. With the awareness of innovation, enterprises will be encouraged to work hard and seize opportunities. Many enterprises in the valve industry in Wenzhou and other regions also adopt the family workshop mode, which urgently needs to establish modern business management concepts, including market awareness, service awareness, competition awareness, crisis awareness, etc. In terms of market development, including the establishment of publicity platform, the selection and launch of promotion media, the rise of heroes, the search for customers, the establishment of new customer relations, business communication and exchange, and the generation of new orders, we should have long-term planning and countermeasures. Road lighting photometric test GB 9468 (8) measures. The valve industry should also attach great importance to technological development and innovation, and strive to form a development mechanism for technological development and innovation in recent years

and the core of enterprise innovation is "technological innovation". Whether an enterprise has vitality depends on whether the products produced by the enterprise have vitality. High-tech and advanced products will bring development and benefits to the enterprise, while backward and obsolete products will only bring decline and bankruptcy to the enterprise. As we have mentioned above, this system is over. The matching of queries and documents shows that at present, most small and medium-sized enterprises do not want to take independent innovation, Use your brain to develop new products, always greedy for convenience, you learn from me, I learn from you, do not know the vitality of the product, market share, etc., herd together to impact the market, resulting in disorderly competition in the market and disrupting the order of the market economy. At present, the valve market should strive to reverse the bad phenomenon of "insufficient innovation and excessive imitation"

at present, valve enterprises should adhere to innovation, adjust the product structure, transform traditional products, and march towards high-end valves. It is required that enterprises on a large scale must take the lead in this regard, strive to gradually win over one-third of the domestic valve products currently purchased from abroad, and improve the level and competitiveness of the domestic valve industry. For small enterprises, first, take professional production, do a good job in one factory and one product, be refined and stronger, work hard to improve management, improve process tooling, and improve product quality, grade and competitiveness. Many successful enterprises in the world are from small to large, from weak to strong, and have developed into large companies with strong vitality. All of them are realized by continuous innovation. Therefore, the strength of enterprise innovation ability will ultimately determine the competitiveness, efficiency and efficiency of enterprises. So as to comprehensively improve the quality and image of the valve industry

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